Sonic Colors game may have been released a long time ago but it still remains hugely popular. Recently the German leaks have come into the light about the company developing aversion remastered from the original Nintendo Wii platform. Thanks to this German leak, we will get the game on Nintendo Switch, along with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One real soon.

In 2019 the “Sonic the Hedgehog” franchise released its last game for the three aforementioned most popular gaming consoles. But the last released game was not a part of the original Blue Speedster against the sinister villain storyline.

Team Sonic Racing, the last Sonic franchise game was a kart-racing game. The game did not cover the popular power of the outer world creature.

German Dubbing Leaked 'Sonic Colors Release Date' Remaster From SEGA

Sonic Colors release date: everything we knows so far

Back in 2019, SEGA confirmed the arrival of another Sonic game that would be released in the upcoming years. The game developers are taking a long time in developing the popular 2D game. The franchise had initially released the 3D version of the game. It was poorly received by the fans. Long time fans loved the classic look and experience of the iconic game.

The upcoming Sonic game by SEGA would be the remastered form. The game would be in 3D version. On Nintendo Wii platform you can control the motion with its controller and also buttons. Seeing as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One are also in line to promote motion gaming.

German Dubbing Leaked 'Sonic Colors Release Date' Remaster From SEGA

So gamely, a French game retailer has listed Sonic Colors Ultimate – Limited Edition on its website. The game will be released soon for the three consoles by different companies.

Iksample, a German dubbing studio also listed the game on its website. The studio confirmed that they were working on the game’s German dubbing for its release. The company used a Sonic Boom image and tried to mask it and hide the idea that it was originally the leaked game from SEGA.

Is Sonic Colors worth playing?

The Sonic Colors is a massively popular game released by SEGA in 2010. It was released for the Nintendo Wii and DS platform. The Sonic Colors is the direct sequel of the Sonic franchise. This means that the storyline of Sonic Colors is based on the character’s plot and storyline of Sonic. So obviously the gamers are really excited for it.

German Dubbing Leaked 'Sonic Colors Release Date' Remaster From SEGA

The game has 96 percent of positive feedback on Google. While GameStop has given it a rating of 4.2 out of 5. It has remained a high ranking for a really long time. So it is safe to assume that it is worth playing.

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