The NFL season has begun and, although it is only weeks in, there have been many exciting games. The Miami Dolphins have the lead, and so is the Kansas City Chiefs. This season looks set to be one the best in a long period of time. You’ll want to see all of it!

Geo-blocking limits can make it difficult to travel overseas or reside outside of the United States. These restrictions have made millions of football fans across the globe frustrated, as they prevent them from seeing their favorite teams play. However, you can stream NFL online from any place . This is possible thanks to a simple cybersecurity tool.

You only need to install a simple cybersecurity program on your device, which will change its location. You can read the following to find out more about geo-blocking.

What’s Geo-blocking?

If you try to stream the NFL outside the United States, it will just display an error message that says: “This content is not available within your region.” This is called geoblocking. It’s something internet users are likely to be familiar with.

Why is geo-blocking necessary? The NFL is an American sport and broadcasting companies such as ESPN and NBC should spend millions to ensure broadcasting rights that allow them to stream and broadcast NFL matches . Media companies are required to follow a strict set of instructions in order to obtain broadcasting rights. The NFL prohibits broadcasting outside of the United States.

How can a website determine where I’m accessing it, then? Websites use your IP address, which is a unique string number that identifies your device online. Your IP address serves two main purposes: it determines your location and delivers websites that contain this information. Websites use your address to send targeted ads based on the businesses that are near you.

This means that you could, theoretically, change your IP address and spoof your device to gain access to content normally blocked in your country. This may sound complicated, but it is much simpler than you might think!

What is VPN?

A virtual private network is required for this purpose. However, you may be more familiar with it as a VPN. VPNs are cybersecurity tools, and are designed to keep your devices private and secure.

This is accomplished by encrypting your internet linking. Although your internet connection is encrypted, nobody can see what your device is doing — not even the government. If you are looking for privacy and security, a VPN should be your first choice.

VPNs offer another benefit, and it is important for anyone who wants to watch the NFL from other countries. VPNs make it possible to connect to global servers in other cities or countries around the world. This phase will conceal your actual IP address and allow you to accept the IP address from the server.

You can connect to a VPN server located in Miami, for example, if you have a device that is physically in Germany. It will fool the online portal to think that your device’s location is Miami. You can now connect your streaming service to the Dolphins game.


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