Genshin Impact Playable Characters: How to Get Yae Sakura!

Genshin Impact 1.5 version is soon to be released by the end of this month. However, the fans have already been updated with the insight of the content of the upcoming version. Just like always the developer of the game miHoYo recently bestowed a live stream for the fans which revealed new playable characters, events, along with a housing system.

Genshin Impact: Yae Sakura

Yae Sakura is hopefully a new character that is to be introduced in this upcoming version. However, the character has already showed up in previous miHoYo game Honkai Impact 3rd in the past.

Genshin Impact Playable Characters: Yae Sakura

The character seems to be interesting homage from miHoYo as her sketch and profession are almost identical to the one showed up in Genshin Impact. There are many Genshin Impact players who are unaware of the miHoYo game Honkai Impact 3rd. The fact makes the discussion of possibilities of Yae Sakura being playable even more interesting.

Yae Sakura: Playable Character?

No official confirmation has been updated up till now regarding the fact, weather Yae Sakura is a playable character or not? Yet, there is a possibility of the character being a playable one in the upcoming version. Although, the character is playable in the other games of miHoYo. The character was liked by many Honkai Impact 3rd players therefore it’s quite possible that the character will receive the love from the Genshin Impact community too. The main motive of introducing this old game character in the upcoming version might be to promote old game Honkai Impact 3rd.

Genshin Impact 1.5

Genshin Impact Playable Characters: Yae Sakura

  • Housing Scheme is to be one of the most important features in this new update. Subsequently, players will be able to create new homes along with furnishing them with new elements.
  • Eula and Yanfei these are the two new playable characters that is to be included in the update. A new banner of Zhongli along with 5-star Geo character, has also been included.
  • Azhdaha, Cryo Hypostasis and Abyss Lector will be the new bosses.
  • Misty Dungeon, Windtrace, Mimi Tomo and many more will be available in this update.
  • Apart from this byss Lector: Violet Lightning will also be available as an enemy.

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