Read customer reviews of Geladeira Com Tab NA Frente, which is a Samsung refrigerator series that serves as a hub for connecting family and friends.

New concepts and innovations are being created every day thanks to technological advances. Concerning home appliances, Brazil many kitchen gadgets can be connected to Wi Fi, which allows users to remotely control them. Also, you can prefer natural refrigerants that are available as alternative coolants that comply with F-gas regulations for commercial refrigeration systems.

As these devices become more common, could you have problems controlling them via different means such as Alexa or Google Assist? Or mobile apps? Let’s examine Geladeira Kom Tablet NA Frente.

Fridge with tablet in front:

Samsung, a global leader in smartphone technology, has developed a practical solution to make your home more intelligent and easier to control. Samsung introduced six refrigerator models that included a 21.5-inch touch screen tablet inside the front door.

These six models form part of the Samsung Family Hub ™ series.

  1. French Door Four-Door Customized
  2. Four-Door French Door
  3. French Door Three-Door Customized
  4. Three-Door French Door
  5. Four-Door Flex
  6. Side-by-Side

Family Hub:

The necessity to stay connected with friends and family has become a necessity. Geladeira Kom Tablet NA Porta.

We know that cell phone use is high. People spend a lot time listening to music, watching movies and videos, and socializing. Smart home gadgets such robovacs ACs, TVs, and others can be controlled by smartphones using voice commands via Alexa or Google Assist.

But what about the times you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen? It’s impossible to keep your smartphone in one place at all times. The smartphone cannot be safely placed on the kitchen counter, as hot or cold foodtuffs may fall on it. This makes it inoperable.

Features Geladeira Comp Tablet NA Frente HTML3_ :

Samsung has integrated the touch screen tablet into the Family Hub refrigerators front door. It is intended to keep you connected with loved ones and friends even when you’re busy in the kitchen. The Family Hub is similar to a smartphone and can be connected to the internet.

  • You can listen music.
  • Spotify and other multimedia applications are accessible.
  • Samsung TV Plus: Watch TV Shows
  • Family Hub lets you control all your smart home devices via the internet.
  • Share pictures,
  • Control kitchen appliances,
  • Plan your meals,
  • Check out the weather
  • Access the internet
  • Access maps
  • Google Assist and Alexa are great options.

Geladeira Com TabletNA Frente adds entertainment to the kitchen. This is a novel concept that is challenging other technology. A tablet is mounted on the refrigerator’s front door so that information and access controls can be easily accessed from anywhere in the kitchen.


Family Hub has at least fifty positive YouTube and website reviews. Family Hub has been rated between 3.5-5 stars in user reviews. You can use the tablet to control the cooling and operation of the fridge. The fridge’s overall design and performance are not well-received. The Family Hub has been around since the 13th of July 2020.

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