Gama Pehlwan Family Tree Gama Pehalwan What He Took His Life:

This article contains information on The Gama Pehlwan Family Tree to let readers know the names of family members of the legendary undefeated wrestler.

Are you aware of this undefeated professional wrestler? Is Gama Pehalwan no more? The wrestling community and fans are constantly inspired and motivated by Gama Pehalwan’s accomplishments. Are you keen to get more information about Gama? Numerous wrestling fans across the United Kingdom,the United States, India and many other regions are looking for details about Gama Pehalwan. Many are also looking for specifics regarding The Gama Pehlwan Family tree. Let’s learn more about the legend wrestler by reading the article below.

Who are the people within Gama Pehalwan’s pehalwan family?

The birthplace of Gama Pehalwan was Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan on the 22nd of May 1878. Gama Pehalwan became a famous wrestler. Ghulam Mohammad Baksh was frequently known as Gama Pehalwan the ring of his name. The titles he held include Champion of the Universe (Rustam-e-Zamana) and Champion of India (Rustam-e-Hind).

His family tree is comprised of his wives, parents and daughters, sons, siblings Imam Baksh Pehalwan and granddaughter Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif. Additionally, every award was given to Gama Pehalwan because his undefeated status famous wrestler.

Gama Pehalwan What He Took His Life:

Gama Pehalwan’s last days in the sport were hard because he lost his speech for a couple of days following the passing of his brother Jalaluddin during 1945. Due to disease the legendary wrestler passed away on the 23rd of May, 1960 located in Lahore, Pakistan.

Although the wrestler’s death was several decades ago, he remains in the heart of the Indian Subcontinent and inspires wrestlers from all over the world. Gama Pehalwan came from the traditional Kashmiri Muslim wrestler’s family in the village of Jabbowal in Britain’s Amritsar, Punjab. He was a world-class athlete and was also known as undefeated as he had won many world championships.

Gama Pehlwan Family Tree

Gama Pehalwan’s dad was Muhammad Aziz Baksh, and Imam Baksh Pehalwan was his brother. He was married twice. One was Wazeer Begum. the name of the second was not yet known. Gama Pehalwan was a father of five sons and four daughters. His daughter, Kalsoom Nawaz, is the spouse of a politician and Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz Sharif. Additionally, Saira Bano, Kalsoom’s sister is Jhara Pehalwan’s spouse.

Additionally, Gama Pehalwan’s weight was 110 kilograms, and he measured 5’8″ tall, with a strong physique, black hair and dark eyes. The legendary wrestler used to drink around two gallons milk (7.5 litres) and an intoxicant drink that weighed more than one pound of almond paste and six chickens from the desi. But, Gama Pehalwan Death Cause was due to an illness that lasted for a long time.

Additional information regarding Gama Pehalwan

Gama Pehalwan was awarded the Indian Wrestling Championship as well as Rustam-e Hind after he defeated nearly every famous Indian wrestler in 1910. He also gained entry into the championship held in London after beating around 12 wrestlers.

A number of fights were also held with European as well as American champions. Additionally, Gama Pehalwan won the lineal Champion of India or Rustam-e-Hind after beating Raheem Baksh Sultaniwala, Gama’s toughest opponent.


Gama Pehalwan Gama Pehalwan, also known as who is the Undefeated famous wrestler is a source of source of inspiration for the world of wrestling and fans. He beat many wrestlers throughout his career. Wrestlers were afraid to compete with him because that he was the champion.

Gama Pehlwan’s Pehlwan Family Tree includes siblings, parents with two wives, five daughters, four sons, and grandkids. You can also read more information about Gama Pehalwan’s extended family . It isDo you have any information about Gama Pehalwan’s family? Gama Pehalwaan? And then, let us know in the comments section.

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