Friday The 13th: The Game is a horror genre survival video game. It was developed and published bye Illfonic and Gun Media respectively. It was released digitally on 26 May 2017. It physically released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 13 October 2017.


It is a semi open world theirs person’s perspective video game. The game revolves around the year 1980s. The story has a fictional camo crystal Lake from the Friday 13th.

Game Play

This has feature for eight players to play at a single game session. Out of these eight, one player is selected randomly to play the character of Jason Voorhees. Jason’s objective is to kill the counsellors before time runs out.

friday the 13th 2016 game release date

Inside The Game

Five maps are available in the game. These maps were located from the first five films and each set consists with the film’s time period. Matched of this game took place in Camp Crystal Lake.


The game’s main character is Jason Voorhees, he is the primary killer of this game too. There are nine different versions of the main character, based on each films. There are fourteen playable counselors too. And also, the nine versions of Jason Voorhees are playable too.

friday the 13th 2016 game release date

Server Down Of The Game

Due to some serious licensing issues with the co creator of the game, Victor Miller, the game decided to shut it’s server down. The games server shut down in November 2020. But the game is still be played through online platform. The developers of this game decided to support its servers till next notice.

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