Fortnite Costs You Must Know

Epic Games Inc. is well known for its Fortnite game. This game is a cool free-to-play video game set in a post-apocalyptic set. There we are going to know how much Epic Games makes from Fortnite game.

How much money does Fornite make?

In Fornite there are two games seen

  1. Fortnite: Battle Royale
  2. Fortnite: Save the World realised in 2017

According to SuperData Research, Fornite was the fourth-highest grossing video game on consoles in February 2020. The amazing thing is that where most console releases make money from selling a hard copy of their game there Fornite makes money from microtransactions.

Fortnite Costs You Must Know

When the player wants to have additions, dubbed costume and skins for which you have to purchase then microtransactions occur. It is seen that major users pay for these ancillary products which help in creating a great source of revenue.

Especially for Battle Pass, a unique feature that costs around $9.50 for a quarterly subscription. The battle pass is the main source of earning for Epic Games.

fortnite costs

The features of Battle Pass are –

  1. exclusive access to changes to the map and character features
  2. buy the game additions for a cheaper price compared to buying them separately

V- Bucks is a currency used in this game and it is used to make in-game purchases. Many users spend their money on V- Bucks.

One U.S. dollar will give you 100 V-Bucks.

Users can use V- Bucks for

  1. cosmetic skins
  2.  dances
  3. pre-released game modes
  4. accessories which are available on a limited-time basis

Epic Games know about business and how to make their users happy. That’s why after buying Battle Pass or V- Bucks you can’t get back to free play game.

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