Ford Vehicles was liable for the accident. What are the claims of Ford Vehicles? How can this cause havoc for users? These related questions are a common problem for users. This article can help you find the answers.

Ford recently approved the transmission problem in their vehicles that occurred between 2013-2021 models. This defect has received a lot of attention from users from the United States, and other parts of this world. To learn more about the defect, and other facts, please read this Ford Escape 2020 Recallarticle.

More information about the Ford Recall escape 2022

Soon after the defect was disclosed, people began to search for information about the vehicle. Ford claimed that it had recalled around 3 million suvs.

These cars were from the 2013 to 2019 SUVs (and 2016 Fusion sedans), 2013 to 2018 Cmax hybrids (and 2013 to 2021 Connect vans) models. There is a risk that any of these models could roll off the curb, even when they are parked.

Ford Recalls 2.9 Million Vehicles

Ford will return more than 2.9 million cars to address a problem in an automatic transmission. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), identified this problem.

This defect is caused by a defective or missing bushing that prevents the vehicle from shifting the gears. This increases the possibility of vehicles rolling away even when they’re in the Parking Gear. You also run the risk of driving in an unexpected direction while in reverse or driving modes.

Ford Escape 2022 Recall – Model Affected:

This section contains information on the years and models that were affected by the defect.

  • Escape- 2013 to 2019,
  • Fusion Edge 2015-2018
  • Transit Connect – 2013 to 2021
  • C-Max – 2013-2018

What will Ford do to fix the defect?

Ford stated in their statement that it will add a protective cap to the shift bushing and replace the damaged shift cable bushing. All owners of eligible cars for the Ford Recalls 2 Million Vehicles will receive a notification letter by June 27th. Or they can visit the NHTSA website to get the latest information.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing all details about the Ford Vehicle recall, we conclude that there was an auto-transmission defect that affected nearly 2.9million vehicles.

For the latest information about your Ford vehicle, check out the NHTSA. Did this article answer all your questions? If yes, please comment below with your thoughts on Ford Escape2022 Recall.


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