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Five best marketing tips to grow your business on instagram

Instagram is not just a social platform now. It’s not only a platform to connect with friends and new people anymore. It’s a place of social presence for may brand and businesses. Every small and big business is on Instagram and no business can actually afford to ignore such a massive platform.

However, since a lot of businesses are on Instagram, there is a lot of competition as well. There is a fight for the eye that is the attention of the audience. The brand or business who cracks this puzzle can see there reach as well as sales growing.

Your Instagram presence maybe not robust for now and therefore you need some strategies to make things moving.

In this article, we will tell you about 5 best marketing tips to grow your business on Instagram.

#1 Optimize your Profile

You have to make a lasting impression in just 150 words in your Instagram bio. You should optimize your profile and bio in such a way that it makes a great first impression, convey your brand personality, and tell people why they should follow you.

#2 Create Visually compelling Content

Instagram is a visual platform and the color combinations and overall aesthetics of your account plays a very important role in marketing your profile.

Aesthetics could be clubbed into the above point itself. However, it is an important aspect of your profile and deserves a new section. What does it mean to maintain consistency in Aesthetics? What is Aesthetics or how exactly you can make your Instagram Aesthetic? These are the questions you most probably would have.

When people talk about an Instagram app “aesthetic,” they mean a cohesive type, mood, and general impression of a people’s posts. By showing a consistent aesthetic that relates to your essence brand values, you are aligning your brand with your target audience.

It is the first impression that you have as a profile. How it stands out matters. It is like a distinct personality of your business.

#3 Use well researched Hashtags

Niche hashtags can can simply mean targeted audience and a community related to your brand. According to the source from EarthWeb, you can increase your organic reach by 10x  by using short and specific hashtags. 

This is the most tried and genuine way to gain massive followers on Instagram. Finding out the right hashtags and using them strategically is an essential tool to get discovered. In starting, try to use hashtags that are not too crowded. For instance, don’t use very popular or top hashtags, because your post is not going to rank in the beginning. Instead use very niche hashtags, or that which is followed by less people. Under such hashtags there are less posts which increases the chances of getting discovered more.

Always keep analysing your hashtags. There are important tools like hashtag analytics tools which you can use to analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of your hashtags and change strategies accordingly.

Find hashtags which are most likely to be used by people in your target audience and you are good to go. Definitely don’t use too many hashtags on a single post. That is not needed.

Trust us, it works wonders by just narrowing down your audience you can reach to targeted audience and gain lots of followers.

#4 Write SEO optimized and great captions

A good story with a personal touch, something like success, failures, love , loss something related to life, life lessons, etc can make a great content for your captions. And everybody likes real stories. Write the captions which are SEO Optimized because this your chance to reach a large targeted audience.

You can write some interesting stuff, or ask questions to your followers, share your life stories so that people will be compelled to comment upon the post.

#5Connect with similar Accounts

Suppose you are in fashion industry. Whom do you think can help you? It’s most probably accounts like you in the same industry. You can learn a lot from them. Follow different profiles in your niche. Try to connect with them. Do cold DMs. Talk with them. Obviously have your own discretion and opinions. But ask for their experiences and their strategies. Many of them will be kind enough to you through their journey. Connecting with similar accounts can give wide perspectives, knowledge and most importantly the inspiration to work on your own project.

Also researh and analyse their audience. You can look in the comments of their posts and try to find out the missing pots and understand what the audience needs and then you can fill that gap.

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