Female COD Mobile pro player Oliveira Bueno da Silva murdered by a fellow player in Brazil

19 years old Oliveira Bueno da Silva aka Sol, COD Mobile Pro player was harshly murdered by her fellow Esports player Guuilhermo Alves Costa on 22nd February 2021 at  São Paulo, Brazil.

Sol was in contact with her rival player Alves Costa for almost a month. Things turned devastating and twisted when after a month Alves Costa when to Oliveira’s residence and stabbed her multiple times. He also recorded his act and posted it online to his WhatsApp groups with other fellow players and on his youtube platform.

Female COD Mobile pro player murdered by a fellow player in Brazil

Oliveria Bueno da Silva was a 19 years old Brazilian Esports organization FBI (Fantastic Brazil Impact) player and played COD for them. Alves Costa is 18 years old who was a rival player to Oliveria. Costa’s confession after being arrested showed no sign of guilt and remorse. His statement shows it was all his pleasure and he wanted to do it for a long time and also stated that his “sanity is completely apt”.

Oliveria’s bloody body video which was uploaded on youtube has been taken down for violating the terms and conditions.

Buzzfeed Brazil and Jaguares Esport shared their condolence to Oliveira Bueno da Silva’s family and friends by a tweet from their Twitter handles.


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