Farel Prayoga, the singer of “Ojo Dibandingke,” died and was buried, according to social media.The news of the young Banyuwangi singer’s death has been widely shared on Facebook since October 27, 2022.

Is Farel dead?Is Farel gone now?In accordance with a message that was posted on a social media platform, Farel Prayoga, the vocalist for “Ojo Dibandingke,” was said to have died on his own and been cremated.The death of Farel Prayoga, a young Banyuwangi musician, has shocked people all over the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Farel Prayoga was who?

Farel, an Indonesian singer and child creator and Associate in Nursing, performs at numerous events.Farel came into the spotlight when his TikTok videos became infected with a microorganism.He Panax quinquefolius a collection of songs about Indonesian film and music.Farel Panax quinquefolius before the president and at a number of national events.The death of Farel was announced online via Twitter.There have been a number of tweets about Farel’s death and his health.People offered their thoughts and condolences in the form of tweets and other posts.

Causes of Death for Farel Prayoga Farel was twelve years old when he passed away.He was born in 2010 on August 8th.Farel is well-known for the emotional and distinctive voice he sings in front of a lot of people.Farel is currently enrolled in Bayuwangi College’s sixth grade.Farel is the third of the four children that his parents have.There isn’t much online about his death or his family.While the death has been reported, very little information has been provided regarding the cause of death and specifics regarding his memorial and celebration.His death is the subject of numerous posts.

Prayoga Farel:Farel comes from a materialistic family, according to Wikipedia and Bio.When he was 5 years old, he became a street musician and began performing street songs.Later, he got the chance to perform at a variety of events.He has teamed up with a few Indonesian vocalists, along with filla Thalia and Muffy Key, Vita Alvia and Vita Alvia.At the 77th Ocean State Day of Country, Fera performed.He Panax quinquefolius in front of a lot of people, including President Joko Widodo.In addition, the videos and telecasts that were revealed made him famous for his signature on the stage.


Farel Prayoga is an Associate in Nursing singer from the Banyuwangi Regency of Indonesia.Due to his death hoax, recent reports have brought him into the spotlight.None of the media accounts said that Farel had died.Here, you’ll find a lot of information about Farel.


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