Fallout 4 Submarine Everything You Need To Know

Fallout 4 is an action role-play game that has been developed by Bethesda Game Studios under Bethesda Softworks publishing. The game consists of many modes and quests under which you have to search for submarines and other nuclear equipment. The one of the major submarine that come with the quest is the Chinese submarine Yangtze.

Need an idea on how to play the game and solve the quests. Well, no worries we have covered it all.

Gameplay, Plot And Quests

The game was release in 2015 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is set in an post- apocalyptic environment in an open world comprising of the city of Boston and Massachusetts. It also comprises of the local landmarks like the Bunker Hill, Fort Independence, Old North Bridge and many more to make it more realistic and fun.

Fallout 4 Submarine

The players control the character “Sole Survivor” who is saved from the nuclear fallout shelter and emerges from a cryogenic statis in Vault 111. After he learns that his wife has been murdered and his son has been kidnapped, he goes on the missing search of his child. The player thus completes various quests exploring the Open World. He acquires points for completing the tasks that increases his abilities and character.

Fallout 4 Submarine

The ability to develop and manage the settlements, an extensive system for making explosives and drugs, upgraded weapons and armours and furnishes and improved settlements have also been introduced in the game. Also Read.


The game received positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for the depth, player freedom , crafting, soundtrack and visuals. I generated $750 million in the first 24 hours receiving praise from a number of publications all over the globe. Also Read.

Fallout 4 Submarine

Yangtze: The Submarine

Yangtze-31 is a Chinese submarine with missiles and captained by Captain Zeo. It was first found by Sole Survivor in 2287. The submarine  is present in the shallow waters off the coast of Common wealth south of Boston Airport and to the northeast of Four Leaf Fish Packing plant.


The submarine was sent for patrolling along the US Coast. Obeying to the rules of the government the missiles were launched but it struck a mile and damaged its reactors and took shelter in Boston Harbor.

Fallout 4 Submarine

It is equipped with a Submariner Uniform, hat, fusion cores, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Office sword, stealth boy, First Mste’s password, Zao’s sword and many more. Also Read.

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