This article describes the new game Fairy & Sword Forever Together as well as its review.

What do you know about the legend of Sword and Fairy With a new name, the two long-awaited games were made available on the PlayStation Four (and Five) this year. It is an action-plus game with adventure that China Mobile and Entertainment Group have recently released. Many PlayStation gamers want to learn more about the game Worldwide.

Softstar Technology was the co-developer. However, gamers now want to know more about Fairy or Sword Forever together. This is why we must focus on the topic and inform our readers.

What do You Know About the New Edition of the Guidebook?

The announcement was made in May 2017, on the 23rd of May 2017. The announcement was made by the developing company five years ago. On February 2, 2021, the beta public release was announced. Facebook also published a beta version.

For gamers in Taiwan and Mainland China, the pre-sale began on 28 July 2022. Like other series, the game is based in Chinese mythology.

Fairy and Sword Review

Many people want to see the game’s reviews before playing it. The following conclusion was reached after extensive research.

  1. We have both positive and neutral reviews from gamers and experts about the game.
  2. The story was well-written and the characters were interesting. Also, the soundtrack is fantastic.
  3. Gaming can bring out the best in gamers.
  4. There are many bugs in the game that can cause problems with the game’s continuation.
  5. Some plots are baseless in this game.

Fairy & Sword Forever Together – The Basic Features

We also discover some basic features. These features should be explained to the players.

  1. The game features mythological themes that will amaze gamers at any time. The game offers many fantastic adventures for gamers.
  2. Gamers can also use the game’s new skills to understand them.
  3. The story lasts 30 hours and the players will get detailed information about the game plan.
  4. As the game experience, the graphics, capture and feed are outstanding.

However, side-by-side we find mixed reactions to the Sword and Fairy Review. Many people love the concept. Many players found the game to be a bit disappointing.

Why are the News circulating?

As we have previously informed, pre-sales of the boxed version began on 28th July 2022. Many gamers are thrilled by the news. However, the news has been reported by many media outlets both positively and negatively. There are more updates to come.


We can finally say that the game’s motivations are different. However, many gamers said the game was fun and thrilling. We are sure that many reviews will be written about Fairy and Sword Forever Together.

We have provided all data from the trusted source. You can visit the official Play Store for more information. Are you a fan of the game? Comment, please.


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