Your company logo is your brand’s cornerstone and as such effective logo design needs to be bespoke, well thought out and be able to withstand future growth. With this in mind, putting your company into the hands of the right logo design agency is essential. 

Whether you are just starting in your new business venture and need a brand new logo created or you have been in business a while and wish to rebrand and need to change your logo, you need a good agency. 

There is so much more to a great logo than just sitting down and drawing shapes and wording. After all, the logo is the first thing that people see, it introduces your business. Therefore, it needs to symbolise your business and its values. 

With this in mind, here are some things to think about when considering hiring an agency for logo design.

  1. A well-designed logo offering more than just good looks
  2. Choose a logo design agency that will adapt to your needs
  3. What is the process of the design agency?
  4. Bigger is not always better
  5. Logo adaptability

A logo should offer more than just good looks:

Of course, the design of your logo is important; however, a great logo should offer more than just pretty looks. 

Your logo is going to spearhead your company’s branding and as such, it should be well thought out and it needs to be bespoke. When considering logo design it needs to be able to grow with the business as it expands. 

A logo should be instantly recognisable to your brand and convey the core values of that brand and what it represents. 

Choose a logo design agency that will adapt to your needs:

When considering an agency to design your logo you need to make sure the agency will adapt to your needs. While you are going to professionals for their expertise and advice about logos, they should still listen to any preferences and ideas you might have and take them on board; after all, it’s your logo. 

Don’t let a designer persuade you to go with something you don’t like. As we said before the logo is the spearhead of your company. Any good logo design agency will work with you and adapt their ideas and style to suit your needs.

The designer should get to know your business by asking questions, these should include the history of your company, where you want to take the business, the target market, your competitors, goals and more. Avoid any agency that just dictates to you and goes about designing a logo without questioning you. 

What is the design process of the logo design agency:

Don’t be afraid of asking the design agency about their design process. Any design company worth choosing should always be open and honest and be prepared to talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. 

In other words, the logo design agency should offer you a personal touch and level of service and not consider you as just another client. They should be willing to talk about the design process every step of the way, including such as:

  • Exploring creative preferences;
  • Providing concept drawings;
  • Developing chosen appropriate designs before final selection;
  • Talking about the final files and formats;
  • Creation of the final logo;
  • Providing support and additional marketing if required.

Bigger is not always better:

A great agency should also hand-pick the best team for your specific project, whether that project requires just a couple of people working on it or several. 

In some scenarios, bigger is often better. However, when it comes to choosing a logo design agency this does not apply. Just because a company brags that they have dozens of workers on their team it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be the best choice. 

A smaller team might be made up of just a few people, all of whom are experts in company branding and who offer a bespoke personal service.  

Logo adaptability:

Any logo design agency worth their salt will understand logo adaptability.  Your logo might have been designed as a rectangular form and it looks fantastic. However, how would it look if you need to use that logo in a square? You don’t want to have to squash your logo so that it fits and there is no way you want to crop it. 

Often logos are used on social media platforms for profile photos and many use a square or circle format. If you only have the logo in square format this is going to cause issues. Therefore the design agency should provide the logo in different layouts for different uses. 

Another consideration for adaptability is the format your logo is presented in. Preferably, it should be presented to you as a vector graphic. This allows for your logo to be resized to any size without losing quality. 

Colour is another consideration for logo adaptability. You might have a colourful logo but need it to appear in a single colour print. Therefore, the design agency needs to take care that the logo isn’t relying on specific colours in its design or any other effects. The logo should stand out and be identifiable in a single colour or many colours. 

Why choose us as your logo design agency?

The above are just some of the many factors to consider when choosing a logo design agency. So, why should you choose Ikon?

Well, for starters we meet all of the above factors and offer much more. We have a talented team that keeps things simple for you while offering you a personal level of service. 

We remain by your side every step of the way, from the initial chat to the final delivery of your logo. Ikon hand-picks the most suitable team for working on your project, however big or small and all team members are the best at what they do. 

Talk to us, a boutique branding and creative agency in London, we are a professional logo design agency offering a bespoke service. 


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