The E-commerce industry has exploded throughout the world in the past several years. Irrespective of the size of the business, almost every brick-and-mortar enterprise has shifted towards the creation of an e-commerce site. There are numerous reasons to use e-commerce apps for the growth of your business. 

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With the advancement in e-commerce apps, it has become difficult to distinguish your app from the rest of your rivals. Though, there are some ways that will be helpful to revolutionize your e-commerce app. 

Below, we have listed down the best 8 features you must look out for in your e-commerce application.  

Best 8 Must-Have Features in your E-commerce Application 

1. Quick Registration Process 

Customers are always interested in using those apps that only require a quick sign-up process. Therefore, the sign-up procedure for your e-commerce mobile application must be simple to use. Nobody wants to spend time filling out those lengthy registration forms that require several steps in order to register.

The best way to make the registration process hassle-free is by enabling social network connections within your apps, such as integrating Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

2. Integrate Right Analytical Tools 

Using analytical tools is one of the finest ways to evaluate user behavior, your venture’s profitability, and how well your business can compete with rivals.

Google Analytics, without a doubt, is an excellent marketing tool for calculating CTR (Click Through Rates), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), session time, and many other variables. 

It also allows you to ascertain which of your visitors’ preferred products or services is also the most well-liked. In addition, you can use these tools to see which markets and industries your rivals are leading.

3. Right Optimization of the Products/Services 

Think about the range of products and services that your online retailers provide. It is essential to properly optimize some parts in that case because the mobile screen is confined, and so is the user’s intent, too. The divisions must be structured in order to prevent visitor distraction.

If you wish to show a variety of categories, create appropriate category sections, sub-category sections, and so on. Include a search function that enables users to swiftly look up any product, like an advanced search filter.

The majority of e-commerce applications are unsuccessful due to limited payment alternatives. It was discovered that 31% of visitors left the app in the middle of the checkout process since there were few payment options and it took so long.

4. Add Multiple Transaction Channels in Your App 

Visitors frequently spend money at businesses that offer them a choice of options for purchasing goods. Others prefer to pay the bill when it is delivered, while some prefer to use their credit or debit cards to make payments. So, offering a range of payment options ought to be top on the list.

While it’s crucial to include many payment methods, you also need to make sure that the checkout process is straightforward. In the long run, keeping visitors on your site requires a variety of payment channel facilities.

5. Introduce Push Notifications 

Push notifications are yet another fantastic method for gaining clients over the long term. Push notifications also aid in increasing leads and sales, which eventually increases traffic. Ultimately, it boosts conversion rates as well. Develop an effective monetization strategy that takes your target market into account and specifies how you’ll use push notifications in your app.

You can use push notifications to entice customers by offering discounts, coupons, cash backs, and other incentives. When all is said and done, push alerts are an excellent way to generate huge purchases quickly.

6. Provide an Efficient Feedback Mechanism 

The majority of e-commerce apps don’t have a feedback feature. No feedback feature in your app affects users negatively, and over time, you will eventually lose those users. 

Giving customers access to effective channels for feedback where they can share their ideas and communicate their experiences is the best method to boost their level of trust. 

You can also get client questions quickly if you have a responsive part for customer comments.

You can attract more customers by reacting to visitor feedback promptly. A comment section can be added at the bottom of the service page, or a link can be established, allowing people to post comments elsewhere.

7. Offer Prompt Customer Services 

The best way to set yourself apart from your competitors is by offering your visitors efficient and responsive customer service.

Mobile apps that don’t offer effective communication channels are unsatisfactory to more than 90% of users. Calling and emailing are the two most widely used strategies. You need to integrate chatbots or provide live chat options within your app if you want to set your brand apart from that of your competitors.

Providing prompt customer service may enable clients to track their orders, ask questions right away, or swiftly learn when their products will arrive.

In general, providing responsive, round-the-clock customer care makes customers feel valued and satisfied over time.

8. Add Easy Tracking Options 

The ability to track the delivery of packages effectively is one of the most crucial features that usually lacks in e-commerce platforms. 

Customers become angry if they cannot track the delivery of their items. Therefore, remember to include straightforward and practical tracking choices in your app. 

Push notifications within your app are one of the simplest methods to do this. Always make sure that your app notifies the customer whenever they make a purchase, when their item is about to ship, or if there are any delays with product delivery.

By providing straightforward monitoring options, you may win clients’ confidence in and respect for your business.

Final Thoughts 

The Play Store offers a variety of mobile e-commerce apps. Additionally, a growing number of intriguing and data-driven mobile apps are entering the market every other day. As a result, it is now more challenging to stand out from the crowd. However, there are a few techniques you may implement to set your business apart from the competition.

Nearly all of the necessary characteristics that are essential to consider before the creation of an e-commerce mobile application are covered in the aforementioned article.

Always consider how you might make your consumers’ lives easier, earn their trust, and build their fidelity.

We hope you may find our article useful and informative. 


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