You are looking for reviews about Executive Nail salon, after a black woman complained about poor customer service at this Spa. Many review sites have since closed the Executive Nail salon’s review page due to an increase in opinions. It all began after Tik Toker of the United States posted a story about her Copperfield Spa experience to social media.

The Tik Toker accused the staff in racial discrimination. This has upset many customers and netizens. Executive Nails and Spa Copperfield reviews has all the details on this story

Nail and Copperfield Spa Review by Customer

Anita Sone, a Tik Toker from Tik Toker, uploaded a video Monday accusing Spa staff of calling police and forcing her out of the spa. This video became viral and the public began to criticize this salon.

  • – This rating is 2.5 out 288 reviews. Most recent reviews give it a one-star rating.
  • Facebook – 221 customer reviews have given it a rating of 2.3%.
  • has a rating 4.7 based on 571 customer reviews.

Executive Nails & Spa Copperfield Houston TX Incident

According to some digital media reports, Anita Sone was a black woman who went to the salon to get a spa service. Anita claimed that Karen’s stylist staff failed to finish her service and called police to force Karen out of the Spa.

Tik Tok’s video has more than 80,000 views and people are accusing the Spa of racial discrimination. Many review sites have stopped receiving customer feedback since the online community started to voice negative opinions about the Copperfield saloon.

Executive Nails & Spa Copperfield Houston TXhas not commented on this incident and the salon has been shown closed.

Anita Sone Taking on the Copperfield Spa Case

Anita posted several videos to social media sites, and she has explained her situation to the public. She requested that the staff create a different design on her nails, but they refused. The manager then asked her to come back later.

She refused her leave with only partial work on her nails, and asked the manager for help.

Executive Nails and Spa Copperfield reviews on the Public Reaction

The majority of Spa comments were negative following the police incident. Some netizens have said that “who calls police for a person of color to do their nails?” Some customers also complained about poor service at the Spa, and blamed staff members for being rude. Customers have stopped leaving feedback about the salon on review sites.

Final verdict

Many people support racial equality. However, reviews sites allow for the individual experience of each customer. This site is used to vent anger at a specific incident.


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