Grand Theft Auto V is an adventure game developed by Rockstar North. The players are assigned to complete some tasks for gaining rewards. Lester’s Assassinations are one of a type in the game. These missions are given by Lester Crest to Franklin Clinton. Here we have listed out the missions.

Lesters mission gta 5


Lester tells his stock market manipulation to Franklin and then inquires about Mollis. Tells Franklin to take care of Brett Lowrey and suggests using Sticky Bombs or a Sniper Rifle. When the mission gets accomplished,  he cites Franklin with $9,000 and a house. 


Here Lester explains the plan of the Redwood Cigarettes and orders them to slay 4 jurors. The first opponent is a bodybuilder at Muscle Sands Gym in Vespucci Beach. The next one is near the Pipeline Inn. The third one is at West Eclipse Medical Tower and the fourth target is on a bike in Vinewood Hills. A sniper rifle is needed to kill all the targets. When the mission gets finished and if he loses any level, then the player is rewarded $7000. 


The next target is Jackson Skinner, Facade’s CEO and informs him about a girl he regularly visits in La Puerta. When the player spots Skinner’s car, he can blow it up or kill him by other means. The player will also get in a wanted level. After this mission, the player is rewarded with $3000. 

Lesters mission gta 5


The next target is Isaac Penny. Lester informs Franklin that he uses the bus to reach his workplace every day. He gets berates for reaching late. After that, Franklin finds the route he travels, he then hunts and kills him. After this mission, he is rewarded with $7000. 


The next mark is Enzo Bonelli. Lester informs Franklin that the target is he is hiding at a construction site in Pillbox Hill with guards. He gets to know that Lester is behind him. Franklin arrives at the roof and shoots down Bonelli’s chopper. Lester tells Franklin to wait till the dust settles. Then he gets rewarded with $10,000.

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