Everything You Need To Know About Shiney Zapdos

Pokemon Go is a reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and Pokemon company for Android and iOS users. This game was published in 2016.

Pokemon Go uses mobile GPS to locate and capture Pokemon, a virtual creature. These virtual creatures appear in real world locations. Player needs to find and capture these creatures. The game consists of only 150 creatures at first. But with every update the creatures increased and now it has almost 600 creatures.

Shiney Zapdos

Shiney Pokemon are rare variant of Pokemon with another color scheme. Some shiney Pokemon have different radical while others are as similar as normal one.

In the case of Zapdos, it has similar variations. Zapdos and shiney Zapdos has same feathers. Only their beak and legs are more vibrant and orange.

Shiney Zapdos

Shiney Zapdos: Introduction to the players

Zapdos and Shiney Zapdos are almost similar. When players capture a shiney Pokemon, a shiney sparkle appears. But with Shiney Zapdos, there’s nothing indicating it shiney Pokemon. It was considered as the accident by creators as they swap the color pallet and use the wrong texture.


Pokemon Go became the most successful and profitable mobile game in 2016. It has been downloaded 500 million times worldwide. It gains popularity as soon as it was published.

Game Play

Player needs to establish a game account and customise their Avatar. After this an Avatar is displayed on a map. That map was totally based on player’s location. As player moves in the real world, their Avatar moved in the game. Different Pokemon species were there in different areas and player needs to find and capture them. If the Pokemon is successfully captured, the ownership transferred to the player. The reward based on the specie of Pokemon.


When a player reached level 5, they can join the battles in gym. Which acts as a faction battling to take control over gym in Pokemon Go.

In July 2017, raid battles introduced. It consists of a group of players struggle against an over leveled Pokemon.


Pokemon Go: Community Day

Pokemon Go has its Community Day each month. On this day, a specific Pokemon will come up with increased frequency for a period of three hours.

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