It all started 40 years back when One Piece revisited the Land of Wano, the place where Kozuki Clan was being governed by Wano. One Piece is an anime series consisting of 20 episodes, which recently released it’s 962nd episode. The episode has been written by Atsuhiro Tomioka, art directed by Tongnian Chen, animated by Masahiro Shimanuki whereas directed by Yasunori Koyama.

Everything you need to know about One Piece 962 Episode

One Piece 962 overview

This chapter will focus on the throwback stories of Wano which will basically focus on revealing Shogun Orochi’s past. Also, this chapter will continue with Oden’s tale. Oden is a character in this series who is assumed to defeat the Mountain God. The character is admired for saving existence. Along with it this episode will also disclose the conversation that took place between Oden and Yasuie. Whereas Yasuie is Oden’s uncle. The most surprising moment in the whole scene will be the fact brought to light that Orochi was the servant of Yasuie in the past.

One Piece 962 characters

Everything you need to know about One Piece 962 Episode

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