Everything You Need To Know About Mozilla new logo: Where’s the fox?


Around June of 2019, after having warned the public previously, Mozilla finally unveiled its new logo for the Firefox Browser. Several memes about the logo had popped up on the internet and people seemed to be upset about the fox being scrubbed off the logo.

The new logo

Mozilla new logo: Where's the fox?

The new logo that was unveiled was not actually for the browser but instead the overarching logo for Mozilla’s family of Firefox products. Each of the components has its own logos. This new logo is meant to reflect the fact that Mozilla stands not just for a browser but for a broader portfolio that contains other products such as its password manager Lockwise, Send- which is a private file sharing service and security tools like Firefox Monitor. Considering the challenge, the quest for new logos and an update to the iconic Firefox brand has been considered a welcome move.

Mozilla wrote during the announcement that Firefox as a brand will always be living and evolving as the world changes and never be done. The browser will continue to evolve in step with its competitors and after the last update, when Mozilla’s primary focus was to to build a mobile operating system apart from various other side projects, the primary focus with this update will be to improve privacy.

Mozilla new logo: Where's the fox?

About Mozilla

The free community software community founder by the members of Netscape in 1998, Mozilla promotes exclusively free software and open standards and is offered institutional support by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and the tax-paying Mozilla Corporation. They have a variety of products such as a web browser called Firefox, an e-mail client called Thunderbird, a layout engine called Gecko, a read-it-later-online service called Pocket and much more.

Mozilla’s goals and principles have been mentioned in the Mozilla Manifesto. “The open, global internet is the most powerful communication and collaboration resource we have ever seen. It embodies some of our deepest hopes for human progress.”, it says before laying out its ten principles. The Mozilla Foundation pledges to support this manifesto and promises to enable open-source technologies and communities, build and deliver great consumer products and promote models for creating economic value for public benefit.

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