Final Fantasy is a Japanese action role playing video game. First game of this series was released in 1987. It includes anime visuals. Series is known for its story, visuals and innovation.

Final Fantasy Boss

Final Fantasy franchise released many games in their time. And every new game came up with new visuals, characters etc. The game is famous for its boss fights. And it is good as same as its boss fights.

Hardest FF Bosses

1. Necron

Necron founded in the Final Fantasy IX. It is the synonym of death in itself. He understood that life only exists for death and later he started destroying everything. He can throw multiple attacks at a time and his powers are huge. He has the ability to heal himself, which makes it hard to survive against him.

Hardest FF Bosses

2. Omega Weapon

This crazy superboss is founded in FF VIII. It places in 100th level. He has one million HP. He can kill a character, with level 5 or less, with his one attack at the beginning of the fight. It’s gravija spell can reduce others HP by 75%.

Hardest FF Bosses

3. Seymour Flux

It develops during the third battle in FF X. It considered as the toughest fight. His attack, Total Annihilation, can destroy the whole character in one go if the opposite isn’t that strong. His physical as well as magical defence are very high. Total annihilation is his signature attack.

Hardest FF Bosses

4. Penance

Penance came after the character defeat all the Dark Aeon. It will be shown in FF X. Penance is considered as the toughest boss in this part of the series. Penance is quiet hard to go against him. He has 12 million HP, which is way more than the Omega Weapon. After surviving his 19 attacks, he came up with his ultimate attack, that is, Judgement Day.

Hardest FF Bosses

5. Absolute Virtue

This is one of the most difficult and hardest boss in the history of this game. He can destroy you if you aren’t perfectly prepared. At the time of the release, no player was able to defeat Absolute Virtue. Later, the developers got criticised for making an unbeatable boss, they changed and decrease some of the powers. But still it is considered as one of the hardest boss of Final Fantasy.

Hardest FF Bosses

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