Everything You Need To Know About Hamster Robot

With the advancement of technology and the making of robots, companies have come up with new form and types of robot like the Hamster Robot. The robot resembling the shape of a hamster but fulfilling all the features of a robot. This kind of robot is best when you want to teach or share some information with your kids and need some interactive and deceptive way to inculcate knowledge with your child’s learning.

We have covered all the features, installments and facts you need to know about the new Hamster Robot. 

What is a Hamster Robot?

Hamster robot is a product from KAIMAX Korea, designed specially to teach your child how to joyfully learn coding. Since, coding is one of the main aspects people look forward to in a resume, this is a great way to start early knowledge of coding for your child. The Hamster robot comes with a systematic curriculum and a workbook.

Everything You Need To Know About Hamster Robot

Advanced peripherals and sensors are installed in the Hamster Robot that makes it more than just an ordinary coding educational robot. It can work with different programming languages so that education is never put on hold. Many countries are now emphasizing more on software and coding education because IT issues are something closely related to everyday chores.

Coding gives you a way to inculcate problem solving, designing and understanding human behavior in your day to day life. It is essential for inculcating global talents of digital age for full time education and assistance when you study. It develops a strong teamwork, motivation and economic activation in the students.

Features Of Hamster Robot

There are a number of features that are included in the Hamster Robot like:

  • Compact size
  • Built in programs and programming languages
  • 2X front proximity sensors
  • 7 color LEDs
  • Piezo speaker and illuminance sensor
  • Li Poly battery, 120 mA
  • DC motors and Line Motors X2
  • 3 axis acceleration sensor
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Connectivity to PC/smartphone
  • Bluetooth with 15 M range
  • External Expansion terminal X2

Everything You Need To Know About Hamster Robot

The robot can be easily charges from smartphones too. But it is advised to switch off the power before charging it. The slow blinking indicates Bluetooth connection, steady blue means Bluetooth connected and fast blinking indicates receiving data.

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