Everything you Need to Know About Google Gravity

There are so many fun things that Google can do to entertain us. But we don’t know about many of these things. Mr.Doob has introduced us to some very fun google original interfaces that can leave its visitor awestruck. Remember when Endgame was released? Google came with a Thanos click that erased half of the Google content for some time.

However we are back to our question, what is Google Gravity and how to activate it on your smartphone.

What is Google Gravity?

Every thing you need to know about google gravity

The Google gravity trick is one of the several tricks that google can carry out. This is a function that takes control of the Google homepage. This application will allow us to see the contents such as the search bar, the other options, buttons, languages and do a free fall. In short, everything on Google will appear to be falling down due to the gravity.

Programs like these are created so that the people visiting Google can laugh a little. Google not only helps it’s viewers to perform numerous activities like finding any critical information, locations, food joints, clothing brands and what not. It is only fair for Google to provide its users with some fun.

But, some of you have been wondering, does Google Gravity harm your devices?
No, these web programs are completely safe and will not damage the device by any means.

Every thing you need to know about google gravity

How do you activate Google Gravity?

There is no app to use Google Gravity. You can access this feature through your browser. Following are the easy steps to activate Google Gravity on your phone.

Step 1

Open the web browser that you normally use on your phone, like Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser that you prefer.

Step 2

Once the browser is open, type in the URL panel located on the top of the open browser. There is no shortcut to this. You will have to go all out to the Google Search homepage.

Step 3

When the Google homepage is open on your device, go to the search panel and type ‘google gravity’. Wait for a moment before clicking on the search button.

Step 4

Instead of clicking on the search button, click on I’m feeling lucky button. As soon as you click on that you will see the gravity google trick in action.

Step 5

Now that all is set and done, spend your time playing with the fun gravity trick. Don’t worry the gravity trick will not let your content float too far.

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