Vs. Bob and Bosip is a mod created by AmorAltra and animated by TheMaskedChris. It is an open-source game and also a fun one to play. There are many stages and content that will never make you get bored. And recently AmorAltra has created a new FNF mod named FNF VS Bob and Bosip Mod which illustrates its own story. Bob and Bosip reached a wrong world when they were supposed to play Minecraft and to get out of it they should beat the Boyfriend. And The player should not be defeated by Bob and Bosip. The game gets tougher as the level increases. 

FNF VS Bob and Bosip Mod

There are three competitors that the player should defeat, Bob, Bosip and AMOR. These are the songs that the game contains Jump In, Swing, Split, Groovy Brass, Conscience, Yap Squad, Intertwined, Copy-Cat, Jump-Out and Ronald Mcdonald slide. The mutations that are available in this mod are Remixed Tutorial, Well voice-acted cutscenes, New characters, A unique soundtrack, no reused songs, Custom made menus and Plenty of new art.

Characters description 


Bob’s song is Jump In and he is the first competitor. He has blue hair, blue eyes, apricot skin, a blue mouth and holds his mic in his left hand. He wears a yellow shirt with a B symbol on it. Match it with dark grey jeans and orange trainers. He is now sporting a black suit, shades, a blue tie, and black shoes in his EX variant.


Bosip song is Swing and he is the second adversary. He shows up after Bob gets tired. He has spiky blonde hair, apricot skin and blue eyes. Has 4 scars on his cheeks and has frayed clothes. He now wears a brown coat with a brown shirt and matches it with torn brown jeans, in his EX variant. 

FNF VS Bob and Bosip Mod


Amor is the last rival. Plays behind his computer and his split is his song. He wears a white t-shirt, black shorts and headphones. He now wears a gold jacket and black jeans in his EX variant.

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