Everything You Need To Know About DC “Injustice Comic” Collection

Injustice Comic has been a success from DC Comics‘ collection. The story of this comic is that of a video game which very far from extraordinary. As if now this comic has basically two parts. The first one is “Injustice: Gods among us” and the another one is “Injustice 2”. Whereas there might be Injustice 3 soon. The first part released in 2013 whereas the sequel got publishes in 2017.

Injustice Comic : God among us

Injustice: God among us is the first published comic of this series. This got published in 2013 and was a success. You can get your hands on this comic online on comixology by paying $0.99 per chapter. Or if you want to buy a book you can even get that by paying  $3.99.

Injustice Comic

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 was published 2017. This is a sequel of Injustice: God among us. The comic was written by Tom Tylor. This sequel consists of 12 chapters. The comic consists of two major endings in the whole plot. This too is available online as well as in the hardcopy format. The illustration has been done by many artists like Bruno Redondo and Daniel Sampere.

Injustice Comic

Injustice 3

More or less there might be the third part of this DC’s comic soon. However the confirmation hasn’t been given by NetherRealm till now. Last year the slew of teaser and activities on twitter has rumored pointing the third sequel to be coming soon.

Anyhow the two comic series has already been a success. Hopefully An ‘Injustice 3’ announcement might be just around the corner.

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