There are several types of events in the Evermerge game. Some events only last 24 hours, and some last for 3 to 4 days. The time of each event is not fixed. At the same time, Evermerge is also constantly developing, constantly introducing new features and new characters. and new events. The following editor will introduce the types of Evermerge events to you, hoping to help you understand the various events of the game. If you want to know more details about evermerge , please visit .

1. 24-hour events

A 24-hour event usually occurs the day before a major event, but can occur at other times, and there are many different 24-hour events in EverMerge.

Golden Timer: You can use coins to speed up the timer

Energetic Gnomes: Allows for faster energy refills

Magic Pixie: Each Pokemon you catch gives you more energy

Power Build: Can build houses faster

2. The main island event

The main island event is usually a major event that refreshes every Tuesday and Saturday, and the event time depends on the player’s location.

1. Gnome Rush:

Completing buildings with gnomes grants rewards. You can save the red gnomes and low-rise buildings that only take 5 minutes to build and get ready for this event.

2. Treasure hunt:

Merge or open chests to unlock better rewards as you fill up the bar and progress through the event. In addition, seasonal treasure chests have extra value

3. Magic Dash:

Use magic crystals to earn extra points, and can combine anything for rewards. You can save large and epic chests, seed bags, and low-level buildings that only take 5 minutes to build in preparation for this event.

3. Mysterious Island Incident

The Mystery Island event, like the Main Island event, is usually a major event that refreshes every Tuesday and Saturday, and the timing of the event depends on the player’s location. Unlocked from level 7.

1. Rare Mysterious Island Creatures:

Unicorn Dash

flofico i.

Dire Wolf Island

Flying Monkey Island

Feathered Serpent Island

Mammoth Island

saber-toothed tiger island

Antlers Island

Triceratops Island (Dinosaur Day Island)

Griffin Island

Sea Lion Island (Ocean Day)

Dodo Island (Beach Day Island)

Haima Island (Pirates Day Island)

Centicore Island (Coffee Day Island)

2. Legendary Mystical Island Creatures:

Phoenix Island

Nice Island

Golden Sheep Island

Tyrannosaurus Island

Thunderbird Island

kraken i.

Honglong Island

blue cow island

Bear King Island

Chinese Dragon Island (Chinese New Year Island)

Enfield Island (St Patrick’s Day Island)

Bandersnatch Island

jabberwock i.

Pegasus Island (Olympic Day Island)

4. Seasonal events

Seasonal events appear every season, the event unlocks after level 10 and is a long-term event that rewards players when they unlock a plaza on the Emerald Isle and later Shipwreck Cove.

1. Spring is blooming:

Spring Blossoms is a fun event that runs from March 15th to May 3rd, and players need to complete objectives within a given time frame to win chests. You can also get rewards from the Spring Blossoms event by participating in other events such as the unicorn event.

2. Tropical Beach Party:

You need to combine seasonal items to create a rare Emerald Spirit, grab the Emerald Spirit to clear the mist on the island and restore rewards along the way, the more mist you clear with the Emerald Spirit, the more rewards you can unlock. Creations also have a chance to earn Shamrock Currency, which can be used to unlock additional land space on the Emerald Isle.

These are the types of Evermerge events, during some events, new islands will sometimes appear, but these islands are only temporary, after the event, these new islands will no longer be available, so be sure to visit all these new locations as much as possible , let’s go to the game and try it! Visit Game TopN to search for Evermerge games and start downloading and playing immediately, and they will continue to update you with more about Evermerge Guide


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