You can learn more about Estonia by reading this article. Everything is explained in the article.

How many wordles are you familiar with? Have you ever tried Worldle? The popular word-guessing games have now spread to every corner of the globe. Numerous other word-puzzle games, including those that were launched in late January 2022, have been made public with their ideas and methods since then. Worldle is the best game to test your geography knowledge. For more information, please refer to Estonia.

What’s your answer?

There are many wordle-inspired game options, such as Poeltl or Herdle. Worldle with an L is one of these games, in which you must guess country names using the hints given during gameplay. Six guesses were made for the 26th May, as usual.

The 26th May 2022 Worldle answer was a bit confusing. Although the country’s outline was displayed in default mode, it was difficult to determine the answer. So, what is the answer to this question? “ESTONIA” was the correct answer. This is a possibility you haven’t heard of before.

More Estonia answer

Because of their simplicity, word games have been enjoyed by people all over the world. Daily players had to guess the 125th Worldle answer.

It could have been a country of Europe based on seven letters. The name is well-known for its dense woods, and it starts with the letter E. Don’t be surprised to hear that name again. However, you can always question the amount of time you have spent in geography classes. Estonia surprise surprised many players. After much nerve-racking guessing and some recollection, that name is probably not forgotten.

How to Play Worldle?

While wordle would be a good choice, what about Worldle. Worldle (L), which is a similar guessing game to wordle, focuses more on the name of the country and not on words.

It is very easy to play. Each day, you’ll receive a country name along with its silhouette. You’ll have six chances to choose the correct answer. The best part is that you’ll also receive decent tips along the way.

it tells you how far away you are from the correct country if you make a mistake. It will tell you which direction to take to find the answer.

Final Verdict

We can conclude that Worldle’s 26th May 2022 answer was a difficult task for our brains. This game allowed us to discover a country’s name, location, features, as well as many other things.


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