Did you know that ear stretching has been around for thousands of years? This form of beauty enhancement is synonymous with some communities, like the Huaorani of the Amazon and the Maasai from Kenya, who practice it to date. The process of ear stretching takes a lot of effort and time, so you need jewelry such as EAR GAUGES that expand the piercing and make it beautiful. This jewelry comes in different forms and shapes, hence the need for consideration when buying them. Elaborated here are the essential factors you should consider. 


For starters, this jewelry is made of different materials, which vary in hygiene and healing time. Those made of stainless steel are easy to sterilize and non-porous, making them the best for faster healing. Others come in around 24-carat gold, while others are made of organic material. All in all, consider the material when choosing due to safety standards. 


This jewelry comes in different styles, with some having carvings or shapes. You should consider the style you want because it will determine if it fits your personality. In addition, the style will enhance your beauty if it rhymes with your body features, such as the shape of your face and skin tone. Some, like the Gothic ones, will make you acceptable in certain social circles you want to be part of. 


You should consider your comfort level when buying this jewelry. Some of the features to check are the weight and size. Note that a large piece of jewelry can make you uncomfortable if the piercing is small. The resulting pain can make the well-intended beauty enhancement unpleasant. In addition, a piece of the heavy gauge can do more damage to your earlobes besides causing discomfort. Therefore, it will help to check the product description when buying online to determine if it’s the right size and weight. 


Your ear might stink when you gauge it due to the accumulation of sebum, oil produced by your skin, and dead skin cells. For this reason, you need to routinely maintain the piercing and jewelry. It would be best to buy organic gauges made of horn and bones, shells, coral, or wood because they are less likely to smell. They are also easier to maintain than other types of gauges. However, note that specific ones, such as wood, expand and contract when wet, hence the need to keep them dry to avoid swelling or cracking. 


Consider reviews of the jewelry you buy. Additionally, it will also help to consider the ratings and reviews of the shop you are buying from. This is because you can’t tell what jewelry is unless you get the information from someone who has tried it. The shop review will help determine if you are dealing with a reliable seller. 

Ear piercing is a beautiful statement that has been around for a long time. You can currently do it safely and put jewelry such as EAR GAUGES to expand the piercing. Therefore, it will help if you use the information in this article to help you choose the most suitable one.


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