Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Inorganic Analysis Equipment

Do you do the inorganic analysis? Then it would be best if you had special equipment for accurate research data. Purchasing lab equipment is more like buying your home appliances. They come in different make and from various manufacturers. So, like your appliances or car, you need to consider various factors to ensure it serves the lab well and for long. This article covers the factors to consider and expounds on how you can get the best out of this special equipment. 


Complex analysis requires special tools like ICP OES instruments. It would be best to consider usage more than the price during the procurement process. Laboratory equipment used regularly calls for the best quality and most reliable one. When deciding on the purchase, ensure that you factor in how frequently you and your colleagues will use the equipment to help the team identify the one that will serve the lab better and longer.


You should also consider the equipment’s availability when buying it. In most cases, you will find that the manufacturers are based overseas. Order for an out-of-stock item will inconvenience you since it will take several weeks before delivery. Meanwhile, your research project will have stalled as you wait. It would be best if you inquire about the availability of the equipment beforehand to avoid inconvenience.


As much as price shouldn’t be a top factor when procuring laboratory equipment, it’s still essential. Consider that you will need to ship, install, operate, and maintain it after purchase. While deciding on which one to go for, it would be best to consider the total benefit of ownership that the laboratory will get in the long run. If the total cost is higher than the return on investment, it would be wise to use used equipment instead of new ones. However, you will need an expert to inspect the item before you pay for it in this situation.

After-sale support and warranty

It would be unfortunate to buy equipment with no after-sales support because you will struggle if a component fails or you don’t understand some instructions. It would help if you inquired beforehand about the availability of the support team and when you can reach them. A good company will offer round-the-clock support to ensure that you don’t lag in your work due to their unavailability. Furthermore, you should also consider the warranty of the equipment. This policy should be favorable enough to cover the equipment for the testing phase and during an extended period of use.


Special tools such as ICP OES instruments require experts to operate and maintain them. The purpose is to ask the manufacturer about the equipment’s servicing frequency when buying it. The manufacturer should either direct you to approved technicians or offer to train your in-house maintenance team. By doing this, you will budget well for maintenance and schedule your work to avoid disruptions. Scientific research and analysis are an integral part of our lives. These researches need precision to get correct data. The best way to achieve accurate data is by using special laboratory equipment. It would be best to consider the factors in this article when procuring your equipment for efficiency and convenience.

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