The first thing you should be aware of as a college freshman is that you’ll have to write a lot of literary assignments during your studies. No matter how well you do in creating academic literary work, your main focus should be on avoiding plagiarism issues. Students that borrow from other people’s work but fail to cite original authors face a wide range of consequences. Teachers in the USA take plagiarism issues seriously, students can fail subjects, face disciplinary measures, and even expulsion. 

Since there are different ways to cite sources, students often can’t figure out what to do and how to properly insert sources of information to satisfy a certain style requirement. Therefore, we decided to create this short article to help you avoid plagiarism issues in college.

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Citation Machine

There are numerous citation styles and each of them has its distinctive format, which students need to follow. Citation Machine is a citing service that allows its users to cite all sorts of information sources, ranging from books to online videos. There’s a free trial period available, but after that, you have to subscribe for premium service. The full span of services includes more than 7000 citation styles that you can create seamlessly. Moreover, Citation Machine helps users generate in-text citations that can be saved for later use.

Sometimes, we’re not even aware we’ve plagiarized some author when we send our work for grading. This service offers a plagiarism scan tool that goes through the content and warns if there are plagiarism issues. This allows us to solve any potential problems with authenticity before we hand over our assignment.

Ask Edubirdie about citing your essay

College is a period when obligations hit us from all sides, and we often have little time to handle everything that falls into our hands during the week. Writing essays, doing homework, preparing for tests and exams, and managing a private life is sometimes just too much.

 Many students decide to hire essay writing services to reduce the amount of work they have to do themselves. In addition, did you know that, apart from asking for essay writing help, you can contact Edubirdie customer service and ask, “Could you cite my source in APA 7 style format?” instead of handling it on your own? You could provide a list of sources and ask for citations. You can choose any style you wish, depending on your project requirement. 

In case you wish to handle things on your own, Edubirdie provides a citing tool on their website that you can use to create citations simply and seamlessly. There’s also a download option that’s perfect for creating a bibliography.


This citing service is easy to use, mainly thanks to its user-friendly interface. The website is minimalistic so there’s not much to see other than most essential elements. This allows users to create a single citation or an entire bibliography swiftly without spending too much time navigating through a complex website layout. 

However, while the website design doesn’t offer much, the service itself is bountiful. Users can choose from a series of available styles, from popular APA 7 or Chicago to less-used citing styles such as ACM or AAPS. The service also allows you to cite a wide variety of information sources including books, websites, newspapers, or online videos and diverse digital files.

BibME, citing service offers a quick way to search for information sources that you wish to include in your bibliography. The search bar offers you a way to look online for newspaper articles, federal bills, and other public documents according to keywords. This is a great way to create quick citations without spending time going through your notes to find the link.


This online research management system is more than just a citing service for students and researchers. Noodletools offers a wide array of services like collaboration with other students, sharing of information sources, gathering and organization of research data, and citing. This service is available through the school or library subscription, in which case users have free access to a full set of features. For individuals, the site offers a premium subscription plan as well.

There’s also a list of free tools that are available for all visitors, which includes a quick citing tool. This free tool is all you need to create references using MLA, APA, or Chicago style. The types of resources you can use for reference are not limited, however, you can choose everything from books to U.S. Patents.


These were some of the most notable citing services available on the market. These platforms should help you create a perfect bibliography for your academic writing task. Moreover, through these services, you will avoid plagiarism issues that carry significant consequences. 

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