Emotionally Wordle :- What are the definitions?

This summary is intended to provide guidance for people who are confused about Emotionally Wordle.

Wordle is so overpowering that you are guessing unrelated words too! For example, how many times have you guessed an 11-letter word for a five letter answer game? Don’t be embarrassed if so. There are many other confused people in the United States and United Kingdom.

This was Wordle 405’s current scenario. One of the hints was quite lengthy so players began to get impulsive. The rest is history as it is described below. Let’s talk Emotionally Wordle More-

Is Emotionally a Solution?

Emotionally was not the answer. Wordle cannot answer this question because it’s a very long lettered word. The suggestions given to players were:

  • The word started with U letters and ended in T alphabets.
  • There were only 2 vowels in each answer.
  • The word for the day was a noun, and it demonstrates a sense.
  • You can use the word distress as a synonym.

The correct answer was UPSET. It fulfills all the requirements.

Is Emotionally A Word ?

Many people might feel disappointed now, after getting the right answer and discovering the importance of this word in Wordle. You don’t have to be discouraged by such questions. Emotionally is one word that’s found in many popular dictionaries.

It is a common word used daily by many people. However, it doesn’t seem to fit into any variant of Wordle other than wordle unlimited. But, it was not and still isn’t the answer.

What are the definitions?

Emotionally Define is not only absent in Merriam Webster, Collins and Cambridge dictionaries but also in the Macmillan Dictionary. Cambridge claims that the phrase refers to sensitivities.

According to Merriam Webster it refers to the act of provoking or bidding on emotion. Collins says that it concerns strong feelings. Macmillan describes this word to mean a suspicion that has any kind of influence on our lives.

What makes this trend so popular?

Since yesterday, emotional has been a popular word. The hints are one reason that’s obvious. Because of these clues, the term emotionally distressed has become more controversial. It is possible for players to become impulsive and tense when solving difficult puzzles. Players just want to get the answers they have figured out. Emotionally is one example of such a scenario. This word should be guessed by people who play Wordle endlessly.


Wordle number 405 on 29 July seemed easy but was not. We recommend you to play a variety of Wordle games and puzzles to keep your mind busy. This could be your subconscious mind not being ready to take on any pressure or trying to get out of the routine.

This data has been compiled from Internet research. Please click for more information about yesterday’s puzzle. How do you spend your time when you are emotionally exhausted? Please comment.

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