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Because of her graceful Waterfowl Dance, Malenia has become a well-known character among fans of the  Elden Ring items series. Here’s some information about her that some fans may not be aware of.

Incorporating one of the game’s most difficult boss fights with some of its most intriguing bits of lore and burying it deep within side content that players might easily miss is a risky move that not many developers would consider taking on. FromSoftware, on the other hand, isn’t your average studio, and  Elden Ring isn’t your average open-world game, either.

Miquella’s Haligtree is widely considered to be one of the best legacy dungeons in the game, and Malenia’s past is widely considered to be one of the most tragic character backstories in the entire Soulsborne series. Her opponents despise her because it is extremely difficult to defeat her in combat, and as a result, the vast majority of Elden Ring Best Glintstone Staff Guide players despise her. She does, however, unquestionably deserve a great deal of sympathy for what she has had to endure throughout her entire life.

Scarlet Rot had affected her since she was a child.

They are the children of Marika and Radagon, and their parents are Malenia and Miquella. Malenia is the older sister, and Miquella is the younger sister. Being a demigod certainly raises one’s social standing in the Lands Between, but in the case of Malenia and her brother, it also came with a number of painful side effects that they had to deal with.

Malenia has had Scarlet Rot coursing through her veins since the beginning of her life, causing her to suffer excruciating amounts of pain and causing her limbs to rot away. Despite her affliction, she rose to become one of the most feared warriors in all of the Lands Between despite it.

Radahn was cursed by Malenia with Scarlet Rot.

The following year, Malenia was one of the candidates competing to be the next Elden Lord, which occurred after the Shattering. One of the most difficult battles she’s ever had to fight was against Starscourge Radahn, her half-brother, who, at the time, was a formidable general, well-known for his military acumen and impeccable record of victories in the battlefield.

Malenia is adamant that she has never experienced defeat, but her battle with Radahn in Calid was the closest she has ever come to black flame build elden ring. It was a tie after the Blade of Miquella cursed General Radahn with Scarlet Rot, driving him insane and transforming him into the unpredictable monster that players had to face during the Redmane Castle tournament.

She is in possession of three prosthetics.

Throughout her life, Malenia’s body was weakened and disfigured as a result of the crippling Scarlet Rot infection she was forced to endure from birth. Due to her experience as a combatant, she was also subjected to severe battle injuries.

Despite the fact that lore does not provide players with definitive answers regarding Malenia’s prosthetic limbs, it is safe to assume that the fact that she is missing her right arm as well as her left leg and right foot was caused by a combination of the Scarlet Rot eating away at her body and combat encounters.

Malenia’s life was saved by Cleanrot Knight Finlay.

The Cleanrot Knights were devoted soldiers who served Malenia well. One of the most compelling demonstrations of their devotion to the Goddess of Rot is the fact that they were willing to endure severe Scarlet Rot infections (which occurred as a result of their constant proximity to the goddess) in order to be able to serve her. One of the knights, on the other hand, went above and beyond for his commander.

Malenia was severely weakened and on the verge of dying as a result of her battle injuries sustained during the battle against General Radahn following the battle. In accordance with the description of his Spirit Ash item, Cleanrot Knight Finlay carried Malenia on his back through every single region of the Lands Between before laying her down to rest at Haligtree’s fortress. This prevented her from succumbing to her injuries or being killed by one of Radahn’s knights, which would have otherwise resulted in her death.

Her Waterfowl Dance Move Is An Area-of-Effect Assault.

In Elden Ring Runes XBOX for sale items, there is no doubt that the Malenia boss fight is the most difficult encounter you will face. Players tried a variety of strategies to cheese their way to victory, and then they were forced to face off against a legendary cooperator one-on-one. A large number of them also gave up on the idea of defeating the Goddess of Rot outright. The infamous Waterfowl Dance is one of Malenia’s most punishing attacks, and it is one of the most difficult to counter.

In order to avoid being hit, those who hopelessly try to dodge away from the boss or interrupt him are going about it the wrong way. Despite the fact that she appears to be slashing away with her sword, the Waterfowl Dance is actually an AoE attack, as one Redditor discovered after using model viewing software to analyze the animation. This means that the most effective way to avoid it is to sprint away as far as possible as soon as she signals it and then sit tight until it is over and done.

She defends those who are discriminated against by the Golden Order.

However, despite the fact that the Golden Order and the Erdtree appear to be the good guys at the start of , as players progress through the game, it becomes increasingly clear that they are simply another selfish and downright malicious faction in the game’s world, as evidenced by the game’s ending.

In addition to alienating the Albinaurics and Misbegottens, the Golden Order has committed a number of other sins. These races were created by the inhabitants of the Eternal City as a result of their experiments. The Erdtree considered them unclean and unworthy of the blessings bestowed upon them. Albinaurics and Misbegottens alike look to the Haligtree for salvation and protection from unjust prosecution, respectively. As a result, the cause of Malenia became inextricably linked to the plight of these disenfranchised inhabitants of the Lands Between.

Malenia took it upon herself to act as Miquella’s guardian angel.

As previously stated, the birth of Malenia and Miquella was the result of an unholy union between Marika and Radagon, who were actually two halves of a single god, resulting in the creation of Malenia and Miquella. Both siblings suffered severe unintended consequences as a result of this. Malenia had been afflicted by the Scarlet Rot for a long time. While Miquella was cursed with eternal childhood, he was also forced to live out the rest of his life in a weak and insignificant form.

According to many fans of the  faith build, it was precisely because of her brother’s condition that Malenia was able to summon the strength she needed to overcome the infection and emerge as the most formidable warrior in the Lands Between. Due to Miquella’s fragile, childlike body, she took it upon herself to protect him and his beloved Haligtree, knowing that he would be unable to survive in such a harsh and dangerous world if she did not step in.

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