Dwayne Johnson Tricks his Daughter Tia and Makes her Believe that He is a 250 million year Old Dinosaur.

Dwayne Johnson, the wrestler turned actor, recently did a prank on his youngest daughter Tia. He made her believe that, he is a 250  million years old dinosaur.

Dwayne is an actor, producer and wrestler by profession. He is married to Dany Garcia, and is the father of three children. Dwayne had a miserable childhood, and came up to heights with his own efforts. Johnson has starred in a number of films, the most famous being Fast and Furious series. He has also starred in the Jumanji franchise.

Dwayne’s Latest Projects.

Dwayne is busy with his work in the movie ‘Black Adam‘, right now.  He is playing the role of a villain in this film. The movie is all set to be released in December next year. Recently a documentary was premiered on NBC , which focusses on Dwayne’s young days.This was a popular hit. Johnson himself is playing his role, while his younger years are played by others. He has also released his autobiography called ‘The Rock Says’. He was also a success as host in ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Dwayne  is also into business.  He has plans to introduce a new energy drink called Zoa to the market. The drink is free from all artificial preservatives.  According to the reports, the energy drink contains,  Vitamin C, D B and many antioxidants like green tea extracts and green coffee beans.

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