Ds3 What Is A Quality Build ?

The love for the Dark Soul series is uncontrollable. With incredible characters outfits, built, magic and weapon it’s too good for any gamers attention. So that why there you are going to know the quality build of Dark Soul 3. 

What is a quality Build?

Quality Build is the term used to describe the strategy which can increase the strength and dexterity status of the character and causes greater damage to the opponents. It’s better to know about the quality build.

Every player should know about which weapons can help in increasing the Quality build of the character.

Dark Sword

Don’t underestimate it by its looks. It may look simple but have good weight around the on. You can found by Darkwraiths at the High Wall of Lothric or Abyss Watchers boss door at Farron Keep. It’s best as it has both strength and quality. You need to get it for cool attacking skills.

ds3 what is a quality build


If you are Assassin Class players then you get it automatically as it is an Assassin weapon. Its speed and rage way too good for being dangerous weapons for opponents. This is a masterpiece weapon for assassination.

ds3 what is a quality build

Farron Greatsword

It’s is best for a good quality build. It’s a unique and pleasing moveset when it is combined with a Greatsword and a dagger. Its unique feature is that 20% additional damage to opponents and boss. It gives a real deal of work for your opponents. It can defeat opponents like Darkwraiths and Pus of Men and bosses like High Lord Wolnir and Darkeater Midir.

ds3 what is a quality build

Black Knight Greataxe

It’s the best choice for all PVE (Players Vs Environment). It shows not only great damage but has various moves and a wide range to boot. Isn’t it fascinating?

It includes 20% damage to demons and an additional 10% damage boost.

Its unique skills make it a necessity for all gamers. It is a danger for all opponents.

ds3 what is a quality build

Hollow Slayer Greatsword

No weapon can beat in terms of quality build. This is the best weapon where you can wield it one hand and shield it in another. It is way too comfortable to handle. Its damage can easily deal with bosses like the Deacons of the Deep and the later phases of Slave Knight Gael.

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