DS3 Best Curved Sword Everything You Need To Know

Dark Soul series is an action rpg played in third person’ perspective. It was developed and published by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment respectively. The fourth edition of this series was released in Japan in March 2016 and it was also the final edition of this game. Developers end this series with DS3.

Game Play

Dark Souls 3 game played with the point of view of third person. Players got various weapons to fight against their enemies. Each weapon has two or more than two attacks with it. One is basic and other attack is advanced. In this game, player needs to face and succeed various enemies. Right choice of weapon helps in fighting the enemy.


This game has a story of the Kingdom of Lothric. A bell signals the dying out if first fire of the kingdom. The character supposed to return to the Lothric village in order to prevent the consequences. In his way back to the kingdom, he needs to fight many enemies and survive in battlefield.

DS3 best curved sword


It was a successful game among gaming world. It is the fastest selling game . Almost three million copies were sold in two months of it’s release.

Curved Sword

Curved Swords are as similar as Straight sword both in function and form. The curvy version of this sword presents high damage and offers fast attacks. It had skills which makes the weapon versatile and deadly.

DS3 best curved sword

DS 3 Best Curved Sword

Dark souls 3 best curved sword’s list given below:

1. Crescent moon sword

2. Demon’s scar

3. Dancer’s enchanted swords

4. Scimitor

5. Carthus curved sword

6. Pontiff Knight curved sword

7. Storm curved sword

8. Sellsword twin blades

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