Dr. STONE, Vol.20 Release Date Plot And Everything You Want To Know

Dr Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Richiro Inagaki and Illustrated by South Korean Artist Boichi. You can read the manga online on Viz.com. If you want to watch a short video on the series it’s down below.

Dr Stone Vol.20 Plot And Release Date

The story says that Senku and Dr Xeno are stone worlds top two scientists and they are searching for Petri beam which zapped all of humanity so they both decided to find out the origins of where and how it all started but are they gonna find out easily the answer is no so the road to find out the origins is difficult. They have decided to traverse to South America for answers all while dodging the ferociously dogged Stanley.

Dr. STONE, Vol.20 Release date Plot And Everything You Want To Know

To find out more visit the site Viz.com as the volume releases on February 1st 2022. See ya!

Dr Stone And More You Should Know

In November 2019 Crunchyroll listed Dr Stone as the top 25 animes of the 2010’s. Following this up IGN also list it among the best anime series of the 2010s. The series was the 8th most-watched anime series in Japan in 2019 through Netflix. As of April 2021, this manga had over 10 million copies in circulation. In December 2020 it was announced that a smartphone game related to the series will be released in 2021 the game will be developed by poppin games Japan and will be a strategy game with some elements like open-world, role-playing and raising games to match the series structure.

Dr. STONE, Vol.20 Release date Plot And Everything You Want To Know

the main plot of the story says that in the year 2038AD a mysterious flash Petrifies nearly all human life. 3,700 years pass with the human race frozen in stone until 5738 year a 15-year-old prodigy named Senku is suddenly revived to see all trees of human life been eroded by time. He sets up camp and tries to revive the humans in stone and find out that they can be revived by nitric acid after Taiju Oki wakes up after 6 months later they try to do experiments and they focussed on science. I will stop here or else it will be spoiler alerts so if you want to view the series online please visit Viz.com. Thank You.

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