Are you into Afro music? Have you heard the Pheelz song ‘Finesse? This song was a top-rated Apple Music Chart hit in 2016.

Many Afro Nigerian music icons are well-known and well-respected, such as Simi, Tiwa Savage and Lola Rae. Lade, a Nigerian-based singer and songwriter is another one. Continue reading to learn more about Lade, her career, and download Adulthood NA scam her latest track.

Why is in the news?

Lade, the talented and well-known singer, has released a new song. The song is filled with facts and truths that relate to growing up. You could say that it’s a song for people who once looked forward towards growing up.

Lade’s music became popular after it was released. You can listen to this tune several times on tiktok. You can also download the song from many websites. You might be able to ask yourself how far you’ve come and what is the journey. You will find yourself able to groove to the song and may even want to be a kid once again.

Lade Adulthood NA Fraud

As a child, we all wondered how the future would turn out. It will be easier to live as a grownup. This is why it’s so fascinating that we want to live as grownups as soon as we can.

Many people were disappointed when they had to face the harsh realities of life. Lade’s song did justice to the realities of life as a grownup. She mentions that earning 27/7 is all about working hard and that growing up is a scam. She explained how it was all about earning a living, etc.

Download adulthood NA Scamsong. The lyrics in the song whose section is mentioned above describe how you need to work hard, earn and hustle, and that no one will ever ask you about what you ate.

Meet Lade, an Afro-singer

Lade, a Nigerian-based singer and songwriter is very well-known among her fans. Lade has recorded songs like Hustle, Sing, Speechless, Corny, Situationship, which were all released in 2021. Lade has established her career in music and is one of the most prominent female singers.

Her popularity with cover songs is well-known. Her previous album, Omolade, was well-received by her fans. LADE Adulthood NA Scam, her new track after smashing hits such as ‘Successful’ and ‘Hustle, displays her amazing vocals.

Final Verdict

Let’s sum it all. Lade’s new music clearly defines life as a grownup. It also shows how silly we were growing up. A grownup has responsibilities that are beyond what a child can comprehend. Lade focuses on the hardships that grownups have to endure. Overall, the lyrics and the song are excellent. Download the song.


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