Double Down Casino Cheat Codes and Hacks for unlimited free chips!

DoubleDown Casino is a free-to-play social gambling app available for Android and iOS on mobile devices apart from Facebook and the web. Unfortunately, the number of chips available for the players to play at the large number of slot machines in the game is limited and upon exhaustion of which, players eventually have to spend top real money roulette to buy chips. Fortunately, there are other ways to obtain more free chips both in the application and on the web.

For instance, any online casino based in New Zealand allows different ways of chips earnings mentioned below. You can feel free to choose a couple of possible ways from the list to implement for better results in the game.

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Double Down Casino Cheat Codes

Previous Versions of Double Down Codes used to have this system of Casino Codes which when entered in the app provided the player with a certain specific number of free chips. However, after updated the newer versions of the application have completely phased out this system of using codes to gain free chips.

Warning– Avoid buying codes for free chips online as they may lead to you getting scammed.

So How Exactly Can You get Free Chips?

There are still a few ways left for you to receive free chips while playing on your devices or your computer.

  • Liking the DoubleDown Casino Facebook page. DoubleDown Casino’s official Facebook page gives away free chips several times a day. All you need to do is click a link in one of their posts to receive your free chips.

  • Follow DoubleDown Casino’s verified twitter handle as free chips are given away from here as well.

  • Their official Instagram profile will have links through out the week that can be used to receive free chips in the game.

  • DoubleDown Casino also posts links to receive free chips on their official Pinterest page. Following their Pinterest page and bookmarking it to be up to date with their posts can help players win free chips.

  • Taking part in the in-app challenges and events. Special events frequently held by the app reward select players with tons of free chips. These events are usually promoted within the game and on the official social media channels.

  • Log in to the game and play regularly as the app regularly awards its players with free chips and rewards.

  • Invite friends to download and play the game from within the app can help you earn prizes, rewards and a lot of free chips.

  • Exchanging gifts within the game using the mailbox feature can help earn rewards and chips

  • Level up your Diamond Club ranking, that is, the DoubleDown Casino levelling system. Players start at the White level and can move up to the Highest ROYAL level simply by playing a lot. Higher rankings will allow players to earn more rewards and receive even more offers and chips.

  • Simply leaving your notifications on on your android or iOS devices can help you earn free chips. This is the easiest method of earning free chips. Once enabled, notifications will keep appearing throughout the day offering you free chips. All you need to do is tap on the alerts when you receive them.

    To avoid scammers, only follow the official Social Media Accounts of DoubleDown Casino.

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