Ageing has a great effect on our body. The way you look at your teenage days is not going to same in your older age. But some people look as beautiful in old age as they were in teenage. One of them people is Doris Day.

Who is Doris Day?

doris day recent pictures

She started her successful debut in her career as a big band vocalist. Her bandleader once stated that

“As a singer, Doris belongs in the company of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.”

doris day recent pictures

In 1945 her Sentimental Journey record was sold in more than a million copies and which leads her to have numerous other hits.

She gets more stardom in movies than singing. In the 1950s we can see her as a perky girl next door like in “Romance on the High Seas” In the 1960s we see her women next door like in “With Six You Get Eggroll”

doris day recent pictures

Acting in sex comedies have brought her yearly popularity poll of theatre owners. We can also see her singing in 1950s comedies.

One of her Costar in Love me or Leave me, James Cagey said that she had

“the ability to project the simple, direct statement of a simple, direct idea without cluttering it.”

She appeared in many movies which describe the repressed sexuality of the 1950s such as

  1. Pillow Talk (1959)
  2. Lover Come Back(1961)
  3. That Touch of Mink (1962)

Her acting in Pillow Talk leads her to win the sole Academy Award nomination. After starting after starring for five years on the hit CBS comedy “The Doris Day Show,” she decided to be retired in 1973. She is also considered as one of few actresses of the 1950s and 1960s to play women who had a real profession. She is good at both acting and singing.

Her last photos 

She is well known for her beautiful smile. Despite her age, she always captures the spotlight. She was not only a not beautiful actress and great singer but she also was an animal rights advocate.

doris day recent pictures

The last time we have seen her in the annual Doris Day Animal Foundation in honour of her 92nd Birthday in 2014. No one expected her to be there but at the last minute, she surprised everyone by her surprise entry.

 She was looking stunning in her trademark pageboy do and a white turtleneck. Some of the guests were not able to control their happiness and they expressed it through tears.

doris day recent pictures

She had not made a public appearance in almost 2 decades and this surprise mean a lot to the people present there. She had said that

“At first I didn’t realize it was for me. I couldn’t believe it. People kept coming up to me all night, kissing and hugging me. It’s all so exciting and sweet. I’ll never ever forget it.”

doris day recent pictures

She was genuinely happy that people still remember her movies for which she said that

I am thrilled people love my movies. We all had so much fun making them.”

It’s was hard to believe that she was 92 years at that time. And the secret behind her beauty was exercising every day, taking long walks on her property with her beloved dogs, and eating a healthy diet.

After two months of her birthday celebration, she was found dead at 1:00 a.m. at her home in California.

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