So, it’s your birthday and you want to share your excitement with the world! The thought of celebrating a birthday always brings chills down the spine since you get so many gifts and best wishes from your friends.

But what about those amazing friends who live far away and can’t attend your birthday bash? Well, sharing your happy moments with them online is the only option you’re left with. All you need is a perfect birthday video message and post it on Instagram.

How to Make a Birthday Wishes Video?

First things first. You need a professional tool to create timelines, add music, use motion graphics to create fun, and add engaging animations into your video too. 

1. Use Doratoon!

Doratoon, a free video maker software, provides you with a smart platform to get started. It can be your go-to software program when it comes to creating videos (especially animated ones). It offers millions of royal-free stock footage, animations, and motion effects that you can use to make your video look more appealing and interesting.

Millions of Templates

It allows you to add a variety of different themes to your videos by offering thousands of templates. For birthday parties, all you have to do is to search for ‘birthday’ and you’ll see different types of templates. Choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

Royal-Free Stock Footage

You might find a need to add some short video clips to your video. With Doratoon, you can not only add royal-free stock short videos but you’ll also be able to upload your own videos and add motion graphics to them and make them look even more appealing.

Texts, Props, Music, and much more…

Once you select a theme, you’ll be able to add visuals, texts, characters, props, music, and so much more to your timeline. The timeline on the bottom of the screen is easy to use and there are tons of different options to edit the color, brightness, layers, background settings, and filters.

If you want to learn more about how Doratoon can help you make an epic ‘happy birthday wishes video’, click here.

2. Doratoon Guide on Making Birthday Instagram Story?

Interacting with Doratoon is super easy. All you have to do is to log in to your Doratoon account and you’ll land on the Workbench. Once you’re on the Workbench window, follow this guide to create an epic birthday Instagram story.

  1. Click on Create to start working on your birthday video. 
  1. On the left side of the window, you’ll see all the features of adding templates to your screen, backgrounds, text boxes, characters with audio, props, and music.
  1. From the left-hand side click on Prop and search for Birthday. You’ll see different birthday-themed props. Add the one which you find appropriate.
  2. Once you add a prop, click on it to reveal the right side of the window that includes options related to Style and Animation.
  1. Under the Templates tab, search for the keyword ‘birthday’ and Doratoon will show you all the templates related to the Birthday. Select it and keep adding new design elements and use your artistic talent to create something creative.
  2. Once you’re done with making your video, click on Publish from the top right corner of the window, select your preferred settings, and click Export to export your video file.

3. Why is Doratoon Better than Others?

The prime reason why Doratoon is better than other video maker software online is the convenience of getting everything under one umbrella. With Doratoon, you don’t have to use your Google Drive or any other storage device to save your project since Doratoon provides you with free cloud storage.

Having free cloud storage can give you peace of mind that your project is safe and you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Interacting with Doratoon is super easy! The user interface has been designed in such a way that you get everything that you need. The UI is so smart that when you click on different elements (like image, video, prop, or a page itself) you get to see different options on the screen only to provide the features that you need. It makes the interface clean and easy on the eyes.

With Doratoon, you also get a chance to work with Path Animation. It’s an advanced technology using which you can animate the objects in your scene over a predefined 3D path. It helps you create stunning animations that make a statement!

Bonus Tip For Birthday Video

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms to find a trend. Back when COVID broke out, a ‘happy birthday dance challenge’ got quite famous on TikTok, and people started to wish their loved ones over the internet with that dance challenge.

It got so popular that even the medical staff in the hospitals followed this trend and made ‘happy birthday video wishes’ for their loved ones at home.

If you aren’t into making videos, have some courage to pull out your camera and try to follow a current trend. Once you’re done with recording yourself, open Doratoon and import your video into it. Now, there are hundreds of different things that you can try with it by adding some motion graphics, music in the background, or maybe changing the background altogether.

Final Thoughts

Turning an ordinary birthday into an exciting one needs some real effort. You need to think of some creative birthday video ideas and work on them before time.

In this blog, we discussed how Doratoon can help you bring your Insta story birthday ideas to life with its wide range of features. It’s a free web application with thousands of templates to work with. Try different templates, add unique props, sync your audio, export the file, and BOOM! Your professional video is ready with Doratoon – a free tool for amazing videos!


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