Kyōjurō Rengoku is one of the supporting characters of Demon Slayer. Although he was not a leading character and had a fairly short appearance, despite this, he managed to influence the protagonists greatly. The end of his character in the Mugen Train Arc was marked by Rengoku death

Kyōjurō Rengoku clearly died in the Mugen Train Arc., while clashing with the demon character, Akaza. Although the former flame Hashira was heroic in his fight, he ultimately succumbed to death. His fatal injuries inflicted during the confrontation with Akaza became the reason for Rengoku death.

So, he couldn’t come back to life with flesh and blood. However, he later appeared posthumously in a memory. It has been speculated that Rengoku is reincarnated with the other warriors whose lives brought catastrophe to their characters in the epilogue.

But the question is how a small character like Rengoku became so important and how he died. In this article, we will explain the fate of Rengoku.

Story of Rengoku Death

After rounding out Enmu, Rengoku met Tanjiro and congratulated him for proficiently using the total concentration breathing strategy. Suddenly another demon makes an entry into the scene within the dusty cloud to kill Tanjiro. Kyōjurō was quick enough to use his second technique, rising to the Scorching Sun to snip the arms of the demon. Tanjiro and Kyōjurō notice that it is none other than the Upper Moon Three, Akaza. 

Kyōjurō worries about the clashing with the Upper Moon. He is not unknown to the demon of that class, yet, he maintains his composure. He confronts Akaza about the reason behind his attacks on wounded humans. Akaza counters that his target was only him from the beginning, but Tanjiro came between the two. Hearing this, Kyōjurō doesn’t get unnerved and states that, despite him seeing Akaza for the first time, he already despises him.

Akaza retorts to Kyōjurō that seeing a weak Tanjiro makes him more repelled as he cannot withstand a weak human being.  Kyōjurō replies that both of them have a distinct notions and scales of moralities ​​and virtue. Akaza eventually gives Kyōjurō a proposal to become a Demon since she has seen his power close to hers and took an interest in him.

Kyōjurō rejects the proposal and embodies the beauty of a human being, a fleeting creature. Seeing him turning down the offer, Akaza attacks him, claiming that he will kill him if he doesn’t accept his proposal. Kyōjurō also responds to his attack and plans to move closer to him. Tanjiro also comes to join him, but Kyōjurō tells him to avoid moving since it can bring catastrophe if his wound opens up.

Both the opponents attack and Akaza recovers from them due to his regenerating ability. Sadly, Kyōjurō gets multiple cuts and scarred organs. Regardless, Kyōjurō stands up, determined to fulfill his responsibility to save everyone from death. Using the flame breathing of the ninth style, he lashed out at Akaza, to which the demons responded with a counterattack. 

When the dusty cloud scattered, Akaza had injured his chest, wounding him mortally. At this moment, Kyōjurō remembers a conversation with his mother that he came to this world to complete a mission to protect the weak. Remembering this, he tried to cut off the demon’s head but could not.

In the end, he saw his mother and inquired about how he performed. To which she comments he did an excellent job. He smiles for the last time and succumbs to death.


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