Do You Need a CBD Recruiter to Help Solve Your Staffing Challenges?

What is a CBD Recruiter?

A CBD recruiter is a person or company that will help you to find the right people for your CBD dispensary. This person will search to find you just the right person or people to work with you to sell the finest cbg gummies products. They are trained to search for people with the right qualifications for your business.

You will want to find people who know all about CBD and can help you out in your business. You will want to hire a CBD recruiter to help you to find that person. The right person can help your business to succeed, especially if they know all about the products that you are selling. 

This article will let you know about the challenges of hiring for your CBD business. There are many that are out there, but this article will only highlight a few of them. If you know the challenges, you can help to overcome them and hire the right people for your dispensary. 


Candidate Concerns – This is the first challenge because it is a specialized job that needs a specific knowledge. The first concern is that you need to have people who know the difference between the strains and what they all do for you. They also need have knowledge about other aspects of the different CBD products and how they are used. You want to have all this knowledge, but this is an entry-level job that pays little, usually between $12-16 per hour: https://cannabizteam.com/cannabis-salary-guide/. This is a lot of work for just a little pay.

Lack of Working Capital – Hiring people and funding the business takes a lot of money. If you do not have the capital to keep your business running, it can go downhill real fast. You also must be careful about the people you hire because the wrong person can get you into trouble with the law. You will also need to make sure that you hire someone that is honest and wants your business to do as well as you want it to. 

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The Volatile Nature of the Business – This business is a very volatile business; you never know from one day to the next what it will be doing. There are days that there are new businesses added and days that those same businesses will close down. Hiring people is difficult if the personnel do not know if they will have a job the next day. 

Lack of Suitable Cannabis Recruiting Platforms – Perceptions may be changing about cannabis and CBD products, but there are still many people who have negative thoughts about it. This makes it difficult to find respectable recruits that are willing to work selling CBD products. If people have the perception that CBD is still not a good thing to be a part of, they will not want to work for you. 

Because of the stigma, the big-name recruiting businesses are not willing to partner up with cannabis distributers. This site is one that has recruiters willing to recruit for dispensaries. This again makes it difficult to find the right people that might otherwise see the ads on those big recruiters. If they cannot see that you need help, they will not be applying for the job. 

Future of Cannabis and Staffing Demands – While cannabis that is derived from hemp has been legal in all states since the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis from marijuana is still not legal in many states. This is changing quickly with many states seeing the benefits from cannabis sales, including the tax money they receive from the sales of cannabis products. This will cause staffing issues that are even worse than they are today. There will be more dispensaries that are fighting for the same number of employees. 


With all the stigmas that are still attached to cannabis and the sale of cannabis products, it is difficult to find recruiting agencies that are willing to recruit for the cannabis industry. That, and the relative low pay for people just entering the business, makes it difficult to hire reliable people that know the business. People that would be willing to work for a dispensary do not know about the jobs because they are not listed on the big-name recruiting agencies. That makes it difficult for dispensaries to find good help. 

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