DIY Acrylic Keychains – Create Your Own Unique Designs

Acrylic keychains are a fun and unique way to accessorise your style. They can also be a great gift!

In this article, we’re going to show you how to make your own acrylic keychains on your Cricut machine. These easy DIY keychains are super cute and don’t require a lot of supplies!

1. Design Your Own

Acrylic keychains are a popular promotional product that can be customized with your company’s logo or brand name. They are an affordable and effective way to market your business, event or cause.

A wide range of shapes and colors are available to choose from when creating a custom design for your acrylic keychains. You can also experiment with transparent or see-through components to emphasize your keychain’s unique aesthetic.

When designing your own keychain, it’s important to consider how the colors and shapes you select will affect the overall look of your piece. For example, you may want to use multiple shades of blue in your design to highlight different aspects of the piece.

Moreover, you can use a variety of text and images on your acrylic keychains to personalize them. You can even add a small charm to your keychain to give it a unique touch.

Vograce offers several quality control measures to ensure that you receive high-quality acrylic keychains from them. They check each piece for defects before it’s shipped to clients and perform outside audits on their production processes.

These measures help ensure that your keychains are made of superior material and can hold up against wear and tear. They also help you to be confident that your product will represent your brand well.

Whether you’re looking for a promotional gift or an item to hand off to your customers, you can easily create custom acrylic keychains using Siraprint. They offer a huge selection of acrylic shapes and colors to choose from, along with full-color printing options. In addition to their many benefits, custom acrylic keychains are also very inexpensive to produce. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses and brands that are on a tight budget.

2. Select Your Blank

Acrylic keychains are a super cute and popular way to add color and style to your everyday accessories. Made from poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), they are transparent, weather resistant, and easy to customise!

They are also a great way to add a personalized touch to gifts. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or a fun craft to make with the kids, these DIY acrylic keychains are sure to be a hit!

These round keychain patterns have paint brush strokes and paint splatters to create a unique look for your keys. Plus, they are free for you to download!

Choose a design that you love. You can either select a free pattern or create one of your own using the SVG templates in this bundle.

Next, cut out your design and backing piece on your Cricut. Be sure to weed all of the excess vinyl before applying it.

Once you are satisfied with your cut, use your StrongGrip Transfer Tape to apply your vinyl to your blank. Be sure to follow the directions on your transfer tape as different types of vinyl require different types of adhesives.

If you’re using glitter vinyl, a StrongGrip transfer tape is recommended as this type of vinyl can be difficult to work with.

Before transferring your decal, be sure to clean off the surface of your keychain with alcohol wipes. This will ensure that you don’t have any fingerprints left on your finished product.

To finish your acrylic keychain, flip the design over and letter it on the other side with a fine tip paint marker or permanent marker. You can also add embellishments like gold dots.

3. Cut Your Design

Acrylic keychains are a type of souvenir that many people like to make. They are typically made up of an acrylic charm with a colorful drawing on it that is attached to a metal chain and key ring.

The main materials that go into creating an acrylic keychain are acrylic plastic, stainless steel, and the ink or design that is printed onto the acrylic charm part. These three components of an acrylic keychain are all cheap to mass produce which makes them very popular among consumers.

But while this material is relatively inexpensive, it also requires large amounts of fossil fuel energy to produce and transport. These keychains are usually shipped across the world using freight ships or airplanes both of which require crude oil derived from fossil fuel.

However, when an acrylic keychain is disposed of, it takes up significant amounts of energy to either break down or be thrown away into landfills. This process is called recycling.

When an acrylic keychain is recycled, the energy used to create it and the energy that was required to ship it across the world is broken down into chemical energy and mechanical energy. This means that the majority of the waste created when an acrylic keychain is recycled will be from fossil fuels and not from the materials that make up the actual acrylic material.

This is not a good thing for the environment and for our planet. The amount of energy that is needed to create and transport these keychains is a major problem that needs to be addressed. If we want to save our planet and protect it from global warming, we need to make some changes in the way that we produce these keychains.

4. Apply Your Vinyl

Applying your vinyl is an easy and quick way to customize your acrylic keychain. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to create your unique design.

The first step is to cut out your design using your Cricut machine. Make sure to weed out any excess vinyl and dispose of it. Next, use your transfer tape to apply your vinyl. For glitter, shimmer, or foil vinyl, you will need StrongGrip transfer tape.

After your vinyl has been applied, you will need to use a UV resin to coat the front of your blank. Follow the directions on your resin, but be sure to add a small amount and rotate the blank around before adding it. This will help to get the resin spread evenly across the surface and to prevent the resin from going over the edge of the blank.

Once the resin has been poured onto the blank, you will need to squirt the resin into the center of your blank and use a silicone tipped tool to start pulling the resin toward the edges. This will form a nice bubble-like ridge at the edge of your blank, which looks really cool.

Finally, be careful when removing the blank from under your UV lamp, because it will be hot! Give the blank a few seconds to cool before touching it.

Once the resin has cured, you can add your key chain and tassel (if it came with that). To clean off any dirt or fingerprints, use a bit of alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe down the blank. This will help the blank to last longer!

5. Add Hardware

Adding hardware to your custom keychains is another way to make your DIY Acrylic Keychains extra special. You can choose from a variety of options, such as charms, resin letters, keychain blanks and even tassels! All you need are some jewelry pliers and a jump ring. Once you’ve got all of your components, you can begin attaching them to your acrylic DIY keychains!

First, clean your keychain blank and make sure it’s dry. Then, cut a piece of transfer paper and apply it to your design, using a burnishing tool to rub it firmly. Then, peel away the transfer paper and your vinyl words and images should appear on your acrylic blank. Try to minimize touching your blank because it leaves fingerprints easily. You can always wipe down your keychain with alcohol if you happen to get any fingerprints on it. When done, your DIY Acrylic Keychains are ready to be given as a gift! And they’re perfect for team gifts, teacher gifts, monogramming, luggage tags and even wedding or birthday take home gifts. They’re so easy to make and a great way to add personality to your keychains!

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