Everyone wants to look fit and be healthy throughout their life. However, due to genetics, sedimentary lifestyle, and other health problems, almost everyone has weight more than the ideal number. For women, weight matters a lot as the body goes through numerous changing during puberty, pregnancy, and after delivery.

So, with everyone focusing on losing those extra kilos – an important question arises. Do you have to hit the gym or follow a balanced diet for looking fit? We say following a healthy diet plays a major role in reducing weight than doing rigorous exercises.

Let’s understand this in more detail:

  • A balanced meal is more important than hours of exercise

A balanced meal means it contains the right amount of carbohydrates, good fats, protein, vitamins, and nutrients. You should take them in the certain amount needed for your body per day. When your intake is balanced, your body can digest everything in a proper manner and your metabolism works better. Your dietician will suggest you the food depending on how active your lifestyle is. Always use Air Track Mats while doing work out. 

So, doing a little amount of exercise is enough for you when your diet is balanced. There’s no point in eating lots of food and doing lots of exercise. It’s not the right way to lose weight. Hence, a balanced meal is important in shedding those extra kilos. Read here to know more healthy tips to lose weight.

  • What the research says

There are many kinds of research that are done on the number of calories intake and calories burnt. The more you eat, the more you should work out or the more active your lifestyle should be. If your activity is average and you’re consuming more calories through food and beverages, only a few calories are burnt and the remaining are converted into fat in your body.

To avoid this, you should consume food as per your lifestyle and burn all the calories you consume by doing daily activities and minimal exercise. This is not just a statement but backed by many kinds of research.

  • Does exercising has no effect?

So, reading all this may throw you into a dilemma – does exercising has no effect at all? That’s not true. Exercise is mandatory and you should include basic activities like walking and running on Treadmill in your daily routine. However, exercising plays only 20% role and the remaining is purely on the diet which is 80%.

You should consume everything in balance and adding a few minutes of exercising daily will help you look fit easily and healthily. You should also know which workouts are best suited to you. Learn here the ways to get the most out of your workouts designed for you depending on your lifestyle.

Should you consult a dietician or follow your own meal plan?

If you don’t have an idea of what a balanced meal is and what foods contain which nutrients, then it’s best to consult a dietician.

Dieticians are trained and have the expertise to generate a meal plan for you depending on your food preferences, allergies, and your meal timings. You can get a customised plan designed for you which helps in losing those extra kilos that you want to shed so badly. It’s always better to follow the doctor’s advice than make your own decisions.

Should you appoint a personal trainer?

And as for exercising, dieticians normally suggest which types of exercise are best suited to you. However, if you want a proper exercise regime, then appointing a personal trainer and using their personal training booking app makes sense. You can get an answer to questions like what can a personal trainer do for you and you can get a customised exercise plan suited for you and your body.


When it comes to losing weight, both diet and exercise play important roles. However, following a proper diet is more effective than doing hours of workouts. Include both in your lifestyle to achieve your ideal weight and you can lead a healthy life.


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