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Detailed Comparison Coinswitch vs Zebpay Platform Compare, Fees, Charges

Coinswitch and Zebpay are basically used for crypto trading. Coinswitch is founded by Ashish Singhal and Zebpay is founded by Sandeep Goenka, Sourabh Agarwal, Mahin Gupta. If you want to know about more apps that are used in Inia for the crypto trading watch below.

Coinswitch An Only SaaS

SaaS(software-as-a-service) is a software licensing model in which access to the software is provided on a subscription basis with software located in external servers and not house servers. This means that Coinswitch can only be accessed through a web browser using a username and password. It is actually called coinswitch kuber.

Now the features of Coinswitch are as follows.

  • the secure user-friendly platform where you can buy 100+cryptocurrencies.
  • you can buy bitcoin, ethereum, ripple at the best rate with a variety of payment options available.
  • Users can access the pooled liquidity of the leading exchange in India to get the best rate and trade instantaneously.
  • Buy, sell, trade over 300 cryptocurrencies.
  • The deposit charge is 0RS and the withdrawal charge is also 0RS.
  • deposit fees is free and minimum of 100rs.

Coinswitch vs Zebpay Platform Compare, Fees, Charges

Zebpay In comparison For Trading

As in the site, it mentions smile secure bitcoin register now with RS100 cashback after 1st trade of 500RS or more. It is another bitcoin app foundedby3 people Sandeep Goenka, Sourabh Agarwal and Mahin Gupta. It also tries to make bitcoin simple with its user-friendly app or on website. It can be used in windows, SaaS, iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

A few of the features are below.

  • It started in 2014, made 3 million users begin there cryptocurrency journey.
  • more than 2/3 rd of indian investors started with this zebpay and bought thier first bitcoin.
  • They have believed in bitcoin fromvery begining.
  • more than 98% of storageis in cold wallets and third party security they have ensured full safety for thier customers.
  • The deposit charge is 5 to 15 RS and withdrawl charge is very very minimal with 0.0006BTC of your bitcoin value.

Coinswitch vs Zebpay Platform Compare, Fees, Charges

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