Detail Guide for Set of All Transmog for Mages

Transmog are basically one of the best way to personalize the character in the World of Warcraft. Well, World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game which was released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2004.

However, if you have been with this game since quite long time and is bored of the current mage robe offerings in the game then this is the time to go with the Transmog system. Last year itself Christopher Fain updated this with the new release of the Shadowlands expansion World of Warcraft transmoggers providing you with the huge variety of options you can get access to.

List of Best Set of All Transmog for Mages

Detail Guide for Set of All Transmog for Mages

  • Eternal Dynasty Regalia
  • Netherwind Regalia
  • Firelord’s Vestments (Heroic Recolor)
  • Magister’s Regalia
  • Sanctified Bloodmage’s Regalia (25-Man Heroic Recolor)
  • Tempest Regalia, Valorous Frostfire Garb (25-Man Recolor)
  • Darkshore Warfront Cloth
  • Conqueror’s Kirin Tor Garb (25-Man Recolor)
  • Mageweave Regalia (Red Recolor)
  • Vestments Of The Selfless
  • Night Courtier’s Set
  • The Alchemist (Custom)
  • Oribosian Acolyte (Custom)
  • Soulbreaker Burnished Set

Top 3 Best Transmog for Mages

Detail Guide for Set of All Transmog for Mages

1. Eternal Dynasty Regalia

If you are looking for something unique or if you are a fan of Mists of Pandaria expansion then must check this one out. This unique transmog comes comes from many sources within the expansion featuring an ornate gown along with Pandaren symbolism in it, a rope belt as well as an interesting top knot-esque headgear. Apart from this, the female alternative consists of an altered chest piece along with a visible necklace.

2. Netherwind Regalia

This set might seems to be out dates for many but still give that nostalgic for few of them. However, the color combination of vibrant blue and violet of robe in this set is just unbeatable. Also, the shoulder pads sparkles the mysterious glow resonating any arcane mage. Also, this set might take you little effort as the piece flow from three different raids.

3. Firelord’s Vestments (Heroic Recolor)

This set is known as the only truer fire mage set among all. This set consists of flaming skulls of the Firelord and burn through foes which leaves behind just the ash and cinders. However this flame robe comes with smoking lava rock for shoulder pads along with robe pieces embellished with fiery incantation.

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