Destiny 2 released its new game, Curse of Osiris in 2017. The expansion added new features and content to Osiris, the character from original Destiny game. It received average view with an aggregate score of 57 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One version and 61 reviews for PC version. It got a review score of 5 from GameSpot and 5.5 from IGN. Also read.

Curse Of Osiris Launch Time

Curse of Osiris launched on December 5, 2017. The initial time of launching was 7:00 AM PST to 10:00 AM PST. That is 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM for East Coasters. The game is downloadable in 88 GB on PS4, 44 GB on Xbox One and 68 Gb  on PC. It will go totally live once the maintenance gets finished.

Curse Of Osiris Launch Time

When to download Curse of Osiris?

The game is downloadable from 8am PST once Destiny 2 had been down for an hour. There are list of time zones available for different regions:

  1. US WEST: 8am
  2. US EAST: 11am
  3. UK: 4pm
  4. WEST EUROPE: 5pm
  5. SYDNEY: 3am
  6. Indianapolis: 10am

Curse Of Osiris Launch Time

Initially, Destiny 2 would be down for 3 hours in those 3 hours, the updates and new Curse of Oasis will be updated. Once downloaded Curse of Osiris will be available for playing once the server comes back online so if you network is strong the game will come online with the time the servers are set to go.

Features And How To Play

Curse of Osiris was by far the most awaited release and the publisher and developers have high hopes from the profits of the game. Curse of Osiris takes you to planet Mercury, where the exiled Guardian is battling with an army against Vex robots. The player is on a mission to get to Mercury and save the situation by collecting the loot in the process.

The game comes with new missions, patrol zone, adventures, PvP maps, strikes and activities called “The Infinite Forest and Raid Lair.” Raid Liar provides a fresh take on Leviathan Raid in the base game. It will also be releasing a series of life improvement designed for hardcore players to play the game with full passion.

Curse Of Osiris Launch Time

Players are required to progress from the infinite forest which is an area with terrains and enemies. The guardian encounters with reflections of Osiris that explains that Mercury had been a garden world shaped by Travelers. The missions have to be completed in order to win the game.

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