The purpose of vacations is to help us relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life, but when severe weather strikes your travel destination, that dream is dashed out the window. As a result of climate change, it is occurring more frequently now. The United States is experiencing extreme heat, with some areas experiencing record highs and heat indices that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Europe is also dealing with oppressive early-season temperatures. 

According to experts, heat waves, flooding, hurricanes, and forest fires are just a few of the climatic calamities predicted for this summer. The same was true last summer when numerous weather-related disasters were reported. Planning the perfect vacation has never been so hard. It is next to impossible to determine if it will be interrupted by another heat wave or a wildfire headed to your hotel. Here are a few of the best destinations you can choose for your next vacation.


According to a recent survey, Seattle is anticipated to be one of the most popular destinations for US travelers. That might be because the city offers the best opportunity to escape the heat, with summertime highs in the upper 70s. Visit Seattle for the weather, but stay for the restaurants, bookstores, parks, and museums. You might hear all kinds of things about Seattle weather being rainy throughout the year, but that stereotype is sure to be broken once you experience the perfect summer in Seattle.


For a moderate holiday, many travelers suggest Hawaii, particularly the city of Lihue, located on the island of Kauai, where summertime temperatures often range from the 70s to the 80s. Furthermore, there aren’t many powerful storm fronts nearby. Traveling to Hawaii is a sure assurance that you will enjoy the stay with amazing weather and brilliant sunshine. It is mainly because of the low chances of storms despite the island’s being on volatile waters.


Sweden is the ideal location for warm weather with highs in the 70s and lengthy daylight hours in the summer (such as sunrise at 3:40 a.m. and sunset at 10 p.m.). Start your vacation in Stockholm, where there are several museums, including the ABBA Museum, the Vasa Museum, and the National Museum, as well as a thriving culinary scene that uses fresh, regional ingredients. If you’re visiting Sweden, you must visit Ostermalm Market Hall and the National Museum where chef Fredrik Eriksson has the finest restaurant to fill your hunger. Additionally, those seeking outdoor recreation can board a boat and travel to the Stockholm Archipelago, where they can go biking, fishing, hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, or swimming.


Travel enthusiasts who like South American culture almost always recommend Aruba as the best place for the perfect summer vacation. It is primarily because of the consistent coastal weather, with even summer highs not exceeding the 80s. Aruba is a dry, arid island where trade breezes blow to cool things down. In addition to its most attractive selling points, like its pristine beaches and exciting snorkeling experiences, Aruba is south of the hurricane belt, making hurricane-related catastrophes uncommon in the area.


Mexico features many oases that are never excessively hot or too cold, even though several regions of the country are subject to extreme heat, tropical storms, and flooding. San Miguel de Allende, situated in central Mexico, is a popular choice for people who wish to escape the summer heat with mid-80s average daily highs. The city’s Spanish Baroque-style architecture and cultural attractions are world-famous. It is also one of the safer places to visit, making it ideal for a lone traveler. Despite certain hurricane threats in the area, which are lower than in other regions of the country, Puerto Vallarta is still a fantastic destination. Travelers should anticipate temperatures between the 80s and 90s.


The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a top choice for your next summer holiday. Between highs in the 70s and 80s, travelers should plan their vacation to Ljubljana from mid-June to early September. There is no need for a rental automobile since the city’s old town is entirely pedestrian. The city offers free year-round usage of “Kavalier” electric vehicles if you need to get anywhere in the car-free zone a bit quicker. Those who have been to Slovenia are advised to include a few side trips to trek near Alpine peaks, go wine tasting or take a dip in the Adriatic Sea.

Parting Thoughts

Keeping all recent events in mind, like bushfires and volcanic eruptions, many might opt out of summer travel. But remember that there are some great places too, like the ones mentioned above, where you can not only beat the summer heat but also be safe from any potential disasters. 

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