Deltarune is an exciting role-playing video game. Currently, it is being developed by Toby Fox. As a player, you control Kris, a human character in a town full of monsters. Kris and his friend Susie fall into a mysterious dimension called the “Dark World”. In the Dark World they are the destined heroes to save the world.

Deltarune Chapter 2: release date

deltarune chapter 2: release date and specifications

The production of Deltarune Chapter 2 began in mid 2020. Currently we don’t have any official release date for Deltarune chapter 2. We are likely to wait another year before we get to play the game. The game will probably be released on Playstation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

We will get more chapters to play once the Deltarune Chapter 2 is released. Although, there are many fan-made videos of Deltarune Chapter 2 but we still don’t have an official trailer.

Deltarune Chapter 2: specifications

deltarune chapter 2: release date and specifications

Deltarune Chapter 2 will be similar to its predecessor Chapter 1. The second chapter will most likely have a turn-based combat that will resemble Final Fantasy series. Chapter 2 will likely have some bullet hell components. Although, it will no longer be the main event. Also there will be no random encounters in the upcoming game.

We will also get to see enemies in the overworld now before actually fighting them. It will give you an overall chance to avoid them.

Deltarune Chapter 2: what we know so far

deltarune chapter 2: release date and specifications

In his standing update from September 2020, Fox had a vicinity tagged Progress chapters 3+. This titling implies that there’ll be a minimum of four chapters within the Deltarune with space for more chapters.

Fox uses the plural naming titles of earlier chapters in the Chapters 3+ section, which implies that a minimum of 2 chapters compose a vicinity.

Except for the introduction, the previous Fox game Undertale consisted of six chapters. So it is safe to assume that the Deltarune Chapter 2 will have at least that many chapters.

Unlike Undertale that had three different endings, Deltarune will have only one. But don’t feel bad because Fox has confirmed that the journey towards the end of the game will be adventurous.

The characters that appeared in Chapter 1 will make a comeback in Chapter 2. But they will come back with new avatars and stories. Since we have some time before the release of Deltarune Chapter 2 why don’t you go ahead and play Undertale?

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