Dark Souls is a series of action roleplaying games played in third person’ perspective. It was developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Souls series began with Demon Soul, which was released in 2009. And the first game of dark souls series was released in 2010.

The character of each game has varying gender, appearance and classes. They can choose among the class and each class has different equipments and capabilities. Online interaction in the Souls game are available for single mode only.

Dark Souls Cover Armor

Armor set isn’t the best choice in this game but cover Armor, due to its statistics and capacity, proves better than other armors. It is easy to maintain, without too much investment into it. It is easily accessible and has better weight for defense purpose. Armors generally used for defensive nature.

Dark Souls Cover Armor


The trilogy of Dark Souls revolves around the player who tried to reverse and end the curse of Darksign through various battles. The common themes and elements were somehow linked with their previous release, Demon Souls. Dark Souls trilogy and Demon Souls have kind off same themes and elements with a little difference.

Dark Souls Cover Armor

Other Armor Set

1. Paladin Set

2. Hollow Warrior Set

3. Painting Guardian Set

4. Gold Hemmed Set

5. Havels Armor

6. Giant Set

7. Hollow Thieves Set

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